Editor's Note: Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice

This week, it's time for another "Editor's Choice" issue, and we've invited some of our oldest friends back to the writers' table to share their keen insights.

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Judging by what I've read this morning, I guess you don't edit too rigorously on returning writers.

Good Articles this week. I especially enjoyed "Your Game Idea Sucks".

There's a community split for ye.

But seriously, no more Erin, please X.x

Obnoxious and arrogant I can deal with, but personal rants are something I can get on Facebook. Other than that, a pleasure to read. Keep it up =)

Our weekly feature articles have long been the foundation of this enterprise, and I'm pleased, as EIC, to continue that tradition.

I find that notion somewhat perplexing; since this magazine was founded, the number of articles featured within has dropped from seven to four. Not only that, but the format of the magazine itself has been downgraded from the PDF equivalent of its print analogues to roughly the same format used for weekly columns.

What, pray tell, am I meant to take from that?


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