Zero Punctuation: Darkest of Days

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I liked it, while the last couple ones just had me smirking. I actually laughed out loud for this one

The exact opposite of this.

It's not showing up for me...
Have they not upgraded Flash yet?

I honestly didn't think DoD's premise was that interesting or creative...

i need a cat with butterfly wings that throws up harps!!!! i know what i'm asking for Christmas! =P

I need an obligatory Doctor Who joke.

According to some dodgy psuedo-science I read a couple of years ago, the grandfather paradox is no longer the most popular theory for how time travel works. Rather, the multiple branching realities model is now the current theory, where if you travelled backward in time and killed your grandfather, two separate parallel realities would exist from that point on, one in which your grandfather lived and one in which he didn't. Then there was some stuff about travelling along Feynman Curves.

I believe you're referring to retrocausality. Yeah, I dunno if I'd call that psuedoscience (except in those cases where fringe science-types try to apply it to the paranormal) so much as a hypothesis still open to debate and currently unsupported by experimental observation. The theory behind it still makes sense, particularly when they apply it to physics.

Feynman's lectures are brilliant stuff, even if some of them make my head explode. I'd highly recommend to anyone the book 'Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman' for some humorous light reading.

Back to the game: I saw a demo of this on the PAX floor and it really appeared to be an interesting concept, but I figured they weren't going to do enough with it. I can't decide if it's nice to be correct, or if it's disappointing.

Well, I'd never heard of the game until now, and I think i'll keep my distance for a while, until something promising comes out of the series.

I may have to check out the demo, just to see if it's as big a train wreck as everyone says it is. I actually thought this review was in the direction of Ben liking it, until a little past halfway. Good review.

I need an obligatory Doctor Who joke.

How bout this one?
Knock knock
Who's there?
Doct...... oh fuck off

bloody hilarious x)

best review in a long time. good job yahtzee

Anyone else horribly annoyed by the ad?

You mean like MY harp-spewing flying cat?
Incidentally, I too was intrigued by this but also could tell a bad game when I saw it.

I like this review, even though I like the game too.
The Clone Wars in this title are probably its biggest flaw. The reload system is bad. Animation is bad. Storytelling is bad. Entire game is probably more scripted than Medal of Honor Allied Assault. There's this frakkin regeneration system(I really hate them). Even for a budget title, there are lots of things in this game that are really, really bad.
Yet I still like this game. I like the concept. I like the fact that theres finally a FPS that isn't about being a generic bald space/US marine killing aliens/terrorists/Nazis with shiny graphics all around you while having no interesting values. Plus I frakkin love muskets.
Actually I didn't know that there will be another part. Maybe the developers will have more time to polish their game.

I was stoked for this game... Until I saw the first gameplay-footage...

Also, this was the funniest one in a while. Zero Punctuation was beginning to wear out it's welcome, but this episode was actually really enjoyable!

"Finally, a game that's actually bad. Not mediocre or God forbid, decent ones." This is what I initially thought but after watching the review, WOW... either Yahtzee was really kind too it or everyone I know has a personaly grudge against makers of this game because I had heard nothing but bad words about DoD.

I heard this game was very shiity and its a example of what not to do in a fps game.

This time travel stuff sounds fun but if you start using future weapons and shit like that doesn't make very historically inaccurate?

Bad graphics
bad physics engine
horrible story writing and telling
unappealing characters desgin

Anyone else horribly annoyed by the ad?

Me. It'll be a cold day in hell before I check the videos out, that's for sure.

Curse the Existence of Halo? BLASPHEMY!

Oh the video was awesome as always.

I am proud to say that I knew about and actually played Darkest of Days before watching this. My thoughts on the game are virtually the same as Movie Bob's thoughts on 9. It's half way to a good game. As much as I appreciate indie titles, this is one game that I would definitely appreciate being made by people with more experience and with a higher budget.

As repetitive as it is, I would like to see you go back in time to some World War II battles. Maybe as a joke, go back and go through the cave man days. Hell, maybe even into the modern times or the future.

I was pleasantly surprised by this weeks choice.
This game is so irrevocably bad that it's pure Yahtzee fodder.

dammit I uninstalled the demo a couple weeks ago without playing it. Time to download it again.

Good review as always, but you don't have to be a spreadsheet loving accountant to enjoy the Total War games, you just need a little patience and an appreciation of history. Is that too much to ask?

That game sounds like it has an interesting premise, and much fun could be had with it. Unfortunately it sounds like they didn't handle it well at all.

THank you Yahzee!!! On of the greatest ever! Thank you(yes, I'm a fanboy)

I thought that game looked absolutely terrible by just playing the demo. Really glad I never bought it.

I think he gives the game too much credit. I watched a "Quick Look" of it on Giant Bomb, and it look horrendous. It looked like one would be better off using melee rather than bullets; from that little gameplay footage, there was plenty of glitches, random spawns, and like mentioned, invisible walls. The game didn't look very fun play, which the point of... playing games.

I don't need a time machine to know that game is crap and to avoid it. Especially since there is literally a ton of better bames coming out now.

ah, such a lovely release of anger (finally)

and you tried SO HARD to just give this thing a chance

well done, sir.

it sounds interesting enough to play, but maybe a bit dated. still would be nice to check out.

"Finally, a game that's actually bad. Not mediocre or God forbid, decent ones." This is what I initially thought but after watching the review, WOW... either Yahtzee was really kind too it or everyone I know has a personaly grudge against makers of this game because I had heard nothing but bad words about DoD.

Perhaps he's finally run out of bile and become much more forgiving. Because the only nice thing I have to say about it is that the premise is indeed interesting.

I saw the video review of this on Game Trailers and I have to say it look really poor. One thing that didn't make sense most of all about the premise was how willing your foes in older time periods acted against your very futuristic and deadly arsenal.

This is just a run of the mill below average game, not one that many might not like just the gameplay for example, but also in design, production, sound, etc. I suppose we could complain more but it would serve no purpose since this is a small time developer in the works and it's too easy, not a giant company ruining the industry, that's a big time publisher's job!

I really hate cases of good premise, bad game. Other examples of this including Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary (both of which are by the same devs worst of all).

this is the only gam i ever found where you fight in world war 1 , and the first to fly a zepelin well at least shotgun

I think I'm in the same boat as Yahtzee on this one, as I am a big fan of the time travel premise, but from how it sounds it seems like it's execution is mediocre at best.

I suppose one should not expect much from a brand-new developer and their very first title but our predisposition (that is, all of us collectively as gamers) to expect a certain standard of quality is sometimes hard to let go of even for a single game.

Still, perhaps I'll give it a try and judge it for myself. I really don't care for FPS games in general but the premise alone of this story is what intrigues me. Here's hoping it at least does well enough to warrant a follow-up like the developer is expecting. Maybe then they'll have the extra capital and manpower really flesh out their work and make it shine.

Mr. Yahtzee. I believe a review for the PS3 Game Warhawk is in order. My favorite multi player game in history. Which includes Golden Eye for N64 and Halo 2 online.

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