Escape to the Movies: Zombieland

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good review, couldn't've said it better myself. I will add that it pays off to stick around to the end of the credits

Dude, this movie was beyond expectations. It's not the stupid zombie killer movie the commmercials make it out to be. I saw this movie on Tuesday as part of special sneak peek for us University students. I have to agree completely with MovieBob- The delivery is excellent. Absolutely worth seeing. It just does everything the right way.

It totally made me wanna play L4D when I got out.

You know, I wasn't too sure about this movie from the trailer but now I think I'll go and see it. When it comes out in december. :(

Nice tip of the hat to Falling Down and Natural Born Killers, both good recommendations during slow times if you haven't seem them.

just got back from seeing zombie land...before i watched bob's review and yeah...hes totally got it right. id say its on the same level as Shawn of the dead to a point. and yeah the scene he referring to (not giving away shit) is fuking awesome

I saw this and heres the best part.... (punched)



What is wrong with the soviets? They helped out the allies in world war 2 and have done nothing to usa since the cold war witch was just a giant battle of showing off each others penises, eg tactical nukes.

And back in the 1960's the soviets were indeed a legitimate threat to the USA. And to say the Cold War was a nothing but a dick-waving contest is a gross understatement. You know how in the early 2000's after 9/11 people were terrified that the Middle East was going to send nukes our way? Well imagine that went on for 20 years and replace the Middle East with Russia. That's what the real Cold War was.

I could not care less about America getting Nuked to pieces.

Let me guess, your one of those 15 year-old mall-goths right?

another movie I'll see when it comes out on dvd because I hate movie theaters and refuse to pay that much.

I also ask myself why do I love zombies so much after seeing them hundreds of times over in other movies/video games. But who cares, I have a movie to watch.

Just watched it. It ROCKED! The Spoiler is total awesome, I was guessing about it all day.


This week MovieBob revie..what the..NO NO AIIIGHH!! *uuughkkk*..braaaaiiiinnnnss..

Watch Video

Lol. It's all in the delivery.

Just got back from watching it... Bob never fails me.

I'm sensing after watching both this and the Brutal Legend video they've got something in common.

They've found something we all love (most of us, then),but has admittedly been done many times before, and while not being hugely original, managed to distill it down to such a pure form, and present it so stylishly, that you can't help but love it, I'll be on the phone asking my friend if she's up for a couple of hours zombie murder at the weekend now. If not, maybe we'll go see this movie.

I saw this movie today. Real review.

I agree the best part in the movie takes part in the second act and it is worth seeing the movie for. Plus all the rest of the movie.

I read elswhere this movie cost only $24mil to produce. Given some of the known talent, they made the most of it.

Some have compared it to Shaun of the Dead. I agree. But it is nice to watch this story with Americans making fun of the genre. I am American and enjoyed the British take on the genre with SOTD. I hope Britians enjoy this as well.

The acting was great and all the actors seemed to have fun instead of just dialing it in.

Their are some predictible scenes. But it was still fun to watch them pass.

Again all the principal acting was great given the source material and satirical script.

I look forward to Emma Stone in anything. I hope this brings WoodyH into more movies as well.

If you ever liked any zombie movie and have a sense of humor, this is a good movie to see.

Overall I agree with Bob.

Looks like a great movie.

After you explained your theory on why we love zombies I had to pause this review so I could finish laughing, anyone else had that?

Bob you rock

I'm now convinced, I must see this movie.

Great review.

Man, I saw this movie before I saw ANY reviews, only a trailer a few weeks back. I am SOO glad it turned out well, it seemed to be O.K. by judging from the trailers, but the trailers does NOT do this movie justice. All throughout the movie "AWESOME" is written on it.


This sounds ALLOT like Shaun of the dead... but I'll probably watch it anyway...

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Seriously. I will watch this about 30 more times before I take a break for brinner.

hmmm interesting moral theory, considering all the hatred towards other humans, but for me it's more because i can take out the annoyance on the undead punching bags that makes me like them

well thats convinced me to go and see it but will it be as good as shaun of the dead?

It's like Shaun of the Dead with Hot Fuzz's level of Action. At least, that's how I can best put it...

Just got done watching Zombieland.....HOLY FUCKING GOD it is now my favorite zombie movie, and I have seen a fuck-ton of zombie movies.

I just feel so bad though.....I suck at Rule #1.......

Oh yeah, and is it a crazy idea to have Valve and the filmmakers get together and do a Left 4 Dead DLC level featuring Tallahasee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock?

It's like printing money.

This movie is so sick. Saw it last night.

Best movie for me this year, unless there is a master piece coming out these last months that I dont know of, this movie is the best movie for me this year. Pure winsauce... <3 <3 <3

Having seen this movie today, I agree 100% with you don't want to know the best part about Zombieland. Honestly, I don't often like reviewers, but you are an exception. Your reviews are great. Please keep them coming. Forever.

MovieBob are you feeling ill? This review, while as pretentious as always, was actually pretty reflective of the movie's real quality instea dof just you declaring something "the best ever" or "The worst ever" like the fat "Comic Book Guy" you are. All in all, great fun, good movie and awesome "tiwst" alluded to in the review.

I went to it on release day and i would have to say it is one of the better zombie movies.. i guess its like shawn of the dead, but i hated Shawn of the dead.. I would give it 9.5 out of 10 cuz its funny as hell and pretty awesome

Well, that is a relief. Since first reading about Zombieland and then seeing the trailer, I really wanted it to work. Now I'm glad to hear it does, so will just need to check the local cinema times!

I've seen it already and trust me, you should definately go watch this movie at your local theater. You will not be disapointed.

is it just me or with a few tatoos would Woody look a lot like Francis from L4D?

Thank you for managing to convince me to see Zombieland without giving anything away. It has excellent pacing and is exactly as it is billed to be. It's taken 2nd place now in my list of favorite zombie movies of all time. Great review, good advice. Many thanks.

I bet you meant:
Zombieland de-livers..
*wink wink*
*chuckle chuckle*
*wink wink*


well thats convinced me to go and see it but will it be as good as shaun of the dead?

It's like Shaun of the Dead with Hot Fuzz's level of Action. At least, that's how I can best put it...

It's more up beat then Shawn and more action packed. In short the pacing is WAY better and it's not a downer like Shawn was. Also it has **** ***** in it, and really you can't top that.

Edit: Oh and of course a zombie montage intro set to Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'. It's like they made a movie just for me.

This movie truly was brilliant. That aforementioned Scene-That-Will-Not-Be-Spoiled was probably what cinched it as the best zombie movie I've seen in years. But really, it had me laughing the whole way through.

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