Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

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My god the effects for the Dice Lord were good. Like Rorschach crossed with the video for Gnarls Barkley's Crazy

Absolutely brilliant! nice 'The Departed' reference :D

Dicelord is an awesome character,that guys so cool

That was some awesome effects and acting for the Dicelord. I loved his description for how luck works.

I'll bet the ending has a lot more to it than we actually saw, that or they have an extra life >_<

Was that dicelord an original character? If he was, then you guys did spectacularly with him

what the hell i realy should not of watched this while drunk

It seems like the end. This and Urealms on the same day... petrifying.


"I am a 200 year old man and that dog is your father and if you press this button chinese men will come and kill all the people in the land"
total mindfuck

seriously weird... but awesome...

loved how dicelord sounded exactly like vault dweller
downside of a small cast...

Holy crap, cliffhanger!
Aside from that, this was easily the best episode in a while. Great special effects on the Dice Lord, he was both hilarious and creepy. Also, the gunfight was really well-shot, and the entire episode was quite funny, especially the bit with the portal. And I obviously can't wait for the next one.

Oh, come on they've had worse than that. A bullet to the head isn't going to kill them. Not more than usual anyway.

The dicelord was nothing short but amazing. Congratulations are in order.
Great episode, this episode brought back alot of intrest from me!

The lord British was funny :) Such a clifhanger at the end XD

V/I.. resistance.. lol.

It seems gentlemen, that we have been presented with a cliffhanger!

Dicelord was the best, most awesome character ive seen in a long time.

You guys should make a spin off series of nothing but him talking and dramatic camera angles :D

Awesome editing. The Dice Lord is by far one of the best characters you have had yet. Now if only there would be a Bioshock spoof, I would die peacefully.

1 Up Mushrooms? Did they earn enough points in the shootout for an extra life? I don't want the series to be over!

That's a jerk move!



OT with less insanity: Dicelord is awesome. Great job, also "Lord British is going to space!" *crash*

Dice lord was and such an awesome and clever idea for a character, he was just brilliant.

Oh, Toad. You're such a little bitch.

But surely they won't end it here - too much still to do.

And the acting and effects on the Dice Lord were unreal. One of the most genuinely creepy characters in a long while. Well done. (After Effects workin' overtime on that one, eh)

"I'll send you a postcard from Jupiter!!!!"

I'm confused. I only rolled a 1.

That was awesome.
Up until the point Toad decided to stop being such a little bitch.

Lord british is going to space!
Now that was really good, and the ending was very....


WHO THE HELL FUCKING ASSANATED MY MIND? OH YAY IT WAS THIS EPISODE!!! I like the dicelord he's crazy and chaotic. Verr nice plot twist

The dicelord was awesomely done. Could have done with a less ear-bleedy voice tho ^^

The only one better than this was the fallout 3 episode, this one actually might be better, awsome, on top of creepy awesome, on top of holy shit did that just happen awesome.

Edgy! (Who would have thought?)

*twitch* WHAT?!
OT: The Dicelord was weird, but kickass. Loved the part about Richard Garriot going to space (Tabula Rasa and the Spaceflight). I didn't get the Zelda map puzzle easily either.
As for everyone guessing how they will respawn: you can't figure that out. There's about 500 ways throughout many games to respawn. The chances of guessing it are slim.

I really hope the dice lord makes another appearance. I really like the character.

BLURRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! Dicelord reminded me of the Joker, nice work lol the mouth effects were awesome! Good Job Shanks! (and everyone else)


Great episode. Will they respawn?

They better respawn, or have a tribute episode to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and play board games with Death for their lives. Either way, this was an amazing episode, especially with the Dice Lord. I hope he returns.


What an awesome episode. An excellent job, as always, of course. WORTH THE WAIT

Didn't they turn god mode on in the first episode?


A cliffhanger on the Escapist?


Toad killed them? Wtf?

Biggie, another cliffhanger, but a good one this time. Awesome episode.

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