Review: Dirt 2

Review: Dirt 2

Dirt 2 is a rally racing game every bit as good as its predecessor.

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This sounds like a good game. If it drops in price I'll probably pick it up. Thanks for the review.

It was pretty good. I'm not a connoisseur of racing games, but I enjoyed it.

I really liked the demo. Good review, accessible read and not showing off how clever you are. More please.

Actually, I've got to raise a point in contention with the review. DIRT2 is considerably better than its predecessor, because no longer do the cars feel like hovercraft - floating above the ground bobbling along on an aircushion, 'sliding' totally uncontrollably into walls and barriers... Instead, they're solid, heavy, grippy things; you get a feel of the momentum and energy that's driving them at 150+ mph (Yes, I've got the PSN Trophy for a wipe-out at 145+ MPH :D - I hit at 149MPH, head-on into a rock. Deliberately, of course. Yes, uh... deliberately.)

Unlike DIRT and GRID, this actually feels like a racing game, and is playable all the way through the higher levels - in fact, it gets better at higher levels.

i agree with LazerFX one of the best racing games ive played along with forza and gran turismo


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