Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts

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Oh, come on
The purpose of a game is amusement. Games have never been about the end, but the journey. And beating the game isnt an sizeable accomplishment. S'all about enjoying the ride. Unless it's an old nude TD for Warcraft 3. Then it's about the end. :P

PLUS it's on teh fucking DS. That shit's designed for 8 year olds.

That's my first post

i got it today and the rocket pack is the most used item at the moment although using a knight to kill sharks and killer fish is quite funny for now! and yes i can see why yahtzee could see it is repetitive. as i am slightly bored of it after owning it for about four hours. and yes the main character is a retarded bull in a china shop!

All this review did was to make me want to play it. But I'm not about to buy any sort of console just to play a game, so f**k it.

Shit is a noun, shit'heads.

Yes, you can ride Cthulhu, and you can kill sea threats swiftly with a dropped item. But ye don't bother to check boards by Google for tricks and tips. There are over 23,000 (could be 30,000) words; if you cannot find how to do something cleverly or word something, it is your fault. However, it's also the game's fault when it doesn't cover all interactions-vegetarians (who likely default as hippie) will eat flesh.

If there is a white hole, I shall test its effects...

CanadianElite, no the DS is not for little kids; the DSLite apparently shatters. But it is so pretty.

Suggestion: Go play Garry's Mod instead.

Somebody probably already mentioned this; just don't feel like going through 10 pages of comments to find out who right now.


I'd like to thank everyone who bought a DS and it's shovelware for bringing down gaming a notch and ruining what used to be a great Nintendo

I'd like to thank you for Shutting the hell up.

The DS is a great system, just because you're a twitchy, ritalin popping halo douchebag, doesn't mean that a console you don't play with is worthless.

Wow, you have the nerve to call ME a douche after a comment like YOURS? Hypocrite much, or much too much?

DS is a HORRIBLE system, and is responsible for making gaming worse on every other system. And that doesn't make me a "twitchy, ritalin popping halo douchebag".

I find myself suddenly filled with the desire to try this game. ...strange.

The problem with this game is that, despite possessing amazing creative potential, the game doesn't encourage the right type of creative process for the players. Although amazing in a create-your-own-scenario sort of way, most gamers aren't that sort of creative type. We're problem-solvers, and we live by the idea that necessity is the mother of invention. Our creativity shows itself not in what we decide to do, but in the way we go about doing it- and it's at its peak when we're given virtually nothing to do it with. As you'd guess Scribblenauts fails terribly at appealing to problem-solvers. When every problem can be solved with wings and a black hole, we don't really see any fun in solving it. Sure, having every item in free play mode is neat for experimenting and such, but in the actual game our tools should be limited, and we should be told what they are. Maybe we can only use items starting with a certain letter (hard mode: the letter x), or only certain types of items (take down a Spartan using nothing but fresh fruit, get a person to go from point A to point B safely using nothing but wild cougars to make them flee in terror, etc). If they ever make another game on this engine, they should take some hints from games like The Incredible Machine- although at times hair-tearingly difficult, the game exemplifies all the elements Scribblenauts lacks.

but everybody love Cthulhu
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

I like Scribblenauts, but I wouldn't call it a 'game' per se. It's a toy with limited playability. Honestly, I have the most fun on the main screen, where you're free to create and mess around with anything you like. Trying to collect stars through a crappy movement system just ruins it.

if you put in the word noun, a basketball will appear (god knows why)

Thanks! I JUST got Scribblenauts (a couple months after it was shown lol) and when you showed the Huge Boulder tip, I used it a couple times to solve puzzles! One person's failure is another person's success =P

I like the Cthulu chant at the the end of the credits. Very clever, Mr. Croshaw

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