Stolen Pixels #132: Special Guest: Master Chief

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I've never looked at Stolen Pixels before.

And I probably won't look at it again.

0/10 on the trolling, kid.

dawwwww, was something said that you didnt like?

as this must be your first time on the internets, you might want to read page 91783 subchapter: ಠ_ಠ, as it states: not everything on the internet will agree with you, but thats okay as its only a item on the internet, and carries no significance in your life.

also, halo is the worst game ever.

but now about the comic, I loved it, though the After Curfew ones I try to look around [dont get me wrong, I just hate g-mod a little too much* [only applies to vanilla-gmod]]. Is it me or does it seem like MC is nothing more than a machine saying pre-programed phrases just like....his......fanboys.........dear god.....................

Shamus Young:

Do you guys get it now? The punchline of this joke isn't Master Chief. The punchline is YOU. You delivered it for me when you came in here and acted just like the angry fanboy parody I set up in the comic itself.


only because I dont have a "well played" image............. its amazing how easy most people are easy to anger when it comes to Halo.

ok, im just going to point something that is blatently obvious but most people dont notice.
good Multiplayer and Good Single Player are mutually exclusive. Halo tries to do both and ends up shittier because of that

Epic win by Shamus. I died laughing!

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