The Pocket Gamer Report: PSP's Mutiny

The Pocket Gamer Report: PSP's Mutiny

Does the PSP have a Mini mutiny on its hands? And is the PSPgo to blame?

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Well this is a funny little oddity I see. A forum poster posted first before the actual article. Makes me chuckle inside.

wow... how'd that happen?

Poopie McGhee:
wow... how'd that happen?

No idea, but at least I can claim I've had the firstest first post ever, cough cough. (not that I care about those)

To be on-topic: I think you're missing the point with the second hand selling argument. Fieldrunners would never have gone retail. The original argument of second hand selling is focussed on actual retail games. Some games like God of War and Disgaea did it right with a $15 pricing, but then some other games do it completely wrong by costing exactly the same (or even more) as their retail counterpart, rendering digital distribution a bit stupid to use.
As for mini's, they're a separate market, albeit a tad too expensive to my liking

Digital distribution is rediculous (as it stands) $30 for CoD 3? I can buy 4 or WaW for the same price (or less)... Double price for Halo:CE? Prey for.......
I'm going to stop myself right now... It's worthless words because nobody hears anything except for the language of money...

Yeah but the argument against D.distribution of games on the psp seems poor.
These three major ideas on it:
1. I can't resell them after I play em!
2. There is no physical copy for me to own.
3. They are the same price as a physical copy.

(1): Why can't I resell them? Aren't the game saved onto your memory stick? Are you saying that you can't tranfer the game to another psp that didn't buy them and play em? If that is true then I can see the point.

(2)true. The only thing in the physical realm will be the one of two cheap high capacity memory cards that you own that will be stuffed with games and saves.

(3)Some are the same price while others are cheaper. I.E. The guilty gear judgement sells for $6.00 and the new Guilty gear xx Acent is $14. Why would I buy the new when the old is just as good and is cheaper. The minis are all priced cheaper than the $30 or $40 but there are games that are still priced that high. Is it SONY that is pricing them that high or is the individual manufacturer/developer?

I still think we should give it a chance.

Though since it's so similar to the DsI, it's no wonder people dislike it. I dislike the entire new wave of handhelds.

ah psp, epic fail since birth. really, it hasnt done anything well at all, except ports of ps2 games. i mean think about it, if i wanna watch a movie on a handheld, ive got an ipod that doesnt need an external memory card. if i wanna play a game thats original AND fun, i've got a dsi, that also has a mod thanks to its SD card slot. 4 GB SD card = 10$. 4 GB duo psp card = 30$. do the math.

I have a PSP Fat, and still pull it out from time to time (not nearly as much as my DS), and I hoard my games, refusing to trade them in. I like the idea of the PSPgo, but until there is a pretty hefty hardware price drop, I won't consider it.

Might check out the mini's though. I was also under the assumption they were exclusive to the go.

What are 'minis' anyways? It got confusing when it kept popping up. X-x

4 GB SD card = 10$. 4 GB duo psp card = 30$. do the math.

Huge flaw in that argument. That SD Card can only play DS and DSi games, plus the curious few homebrew games like Everlasting Love and AmplituDS, you'll need a Slot2 cartridge to play GBA games.
The Duo card on a PSP, presuming you have cfw, means you can play nearly all PSP games, emulate nearly everything up 'till the N64 (and it can emulate PS1 games), and then of course loads of homebrew games like Tyrian, Wolfenstein (which is waaaaaaay better than the DS version I tried), Cave Story, Anti-Tetris (hilarious one, this), etc. etc.
The lack of UMD on the Go is still a bad move imo, though. Sometimes I just like having the game in a box, in my collection. Though with mini's, if they're priced right, I don't mind. As it is right now, they're too expensive.

I don't think I like the idea of mini games. I mainly use my PSP for watching converted films and tv dvds.
Although the last 50hrs have been spent playing FFVII. Still good.

I don't see a BIG issue with the DD of games but there are some

1.) space wise even if you buy the big haunking card out there it will still get full and unless you have a decent HDD(which honestly most do now a days anyway but still) to off load those games and saves onto or worse be forced to delete it off the card( i doubt such a feature is made into the things but i wouldn't put it past sony, they have been making dick move one after another lately)

2.)depending on the size of the games in question you need to worry about dl times if you have a crappy connection, or weather or not you can stay in a good wifi zone(I cannot wait till we have the kind of coverage here that they do over in japan its like radio over there or something not frequency wise but in terms of how widespread)

3.) will sony fix it's ass-backward psn so its more user friendly and easy to navigate, its as serious pain trying to look for something without having to scroll like crazy

I can't believe I just read a complaint about the PSP having to use a memory card and the iPod not... I'd really rather not give Apple and extra $100 for 32GB of non-removable storage, thanks. And then not being able to use a card? JUST to get you to pay the extra? Enjoy that scam.

You can delete whatever you want off of your PSP - the purchases are linked to your account. It is my understanding that you can re-download them. I buy everything on my PS3, and I can then attach up to 4 other devices to the same account (for example, my two PSPs). I can buy one copy and put it in five places? I'm sold. Beats the hell out of buying x copies of a game to play ad-hoc with some friends.

The price point of the Go and a lot of the DD games is too high, but market forces will bring this down (I'm guessing after Christmas, though). They want to make the most money possible - not necessarily the most money possible from one person :)

What are 'minis' anyways? It got confusing when it kept popping up. X-x

Me too. Never heard of them until now.

I've been kind of ignoring all this hubbub about the PSPGo, since I hate my PSP and I refuse to waste more money on another one.

What the hell are the Minis range? Range? You said Mini's range numerous times, do you mean the Minis line of games? Minis are just games that are under 100MB, have no wireless multiplayer, no downloadable content, a shorter QA time/process, and can be sold for any price and released at any time. And as for the rpice of a Memory Stick Duo, whoever is paying $30 for a 4GB needs to learn how to shop. 4GB MemStick will cost you $13, 8GB will cost you $25 and that's on Amazon. And that's if you need one since the PSPGo has 16GB built in.


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