Unskippable: Too Human

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Too Human

Graham and Paul have a run-in with Vikings... from the future.

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Lol. Ive been wanting to see this one for a while. "SUPER VIKINGS" lol =P

Yeah we'll cover that (my ass)

im really disappointed that i live in the 21st century and there are practically no items whit floating rings around them.

screw the environment, start working on the flowing ring technology, that is a world i want my children to grow up in.

also great episode.

Aww, no follow up funny in the credits? Ah well, with at least 3 (that I'm aware of) weekly videos that you guys are managing, I suppose we'll forgive you. This ONE TIME.

Still: "...and a gun." Brilliant. I actually laughed at my desk, which is fairly uncommon. Thanks for causing it!

This game would have been so much better while ya'lls voice overs throughout it

No credits-blurb?

EDIT: Bah.

"You voided my warrantyyyy!" lol

Is it just me or are there a couple games that both Yahtzee and Unskippable like to beat up on? This one, Dark Athena, Haze...

"You've just voided my warranty!!"

These get better every week. Good job guys. :D

It's the future, and swords are a thousand times more effective than the weapons? This is almost worse than the Replicators dying from normal bullets, but not lasers! Great episode as always.

"Undertaker with a choke slam, and a gun... which I'm not sure is legal in this match"
That and the windy ass really caught me, and my hot cup of tea, off guard. I would probably buy that game if all the cutscenes were narrated by Graham and Paul.

Ahh no text joke at the end.

Jezz though waiting that long to pull out his sword to not even kill it? Was he waiting for everyone to stop watching before it got really violent? Actually that would explain while he stopped again after disarming the the mecha-beast when the barkeeper stood up.

with all these rings and robotic crows the bears will truely catch wind of this.

+ cookie for referance :)

Damn lack of text joke. Felt a bit stupid just sitting there and looking at nothing...

Otherwise, twas great. :D

Sidenote: Anybody else reminded of Rifts and Rune Weapons with that sword?

I rarely have coke come out of my nose, but the warranty joke made it happen.
Also is it just me or have arm puns gone up over 300% since bionic commando?

EDIT: The"brothers in arms pun in MGS August part 5 was before Bionic, but still...

Odin himself is weeping at the prospect that cyber-vikings will be this lame.

I'm glad you guys figured out how to do ducking with the V/O track. Makes it a lot easier to hear what's going on.

Is is just me or was that whole video covered with framerate issues? Or was it just the crappness of the video?

+ for refrence to norwegians and metal (kinda unavoidable, but I'm from norway :)

- for no extra joke in the credits (I've grown too found of them)

It's a real shame this game sucked, as sci-fi where you still use swords is pretty much my favorite kind of sci-fi (which you might have guessed by my choice of avatar). At least it's resulted in several amusing videos!

....was that Aldaris in the beginning?

I recognize that scream at 4:00

I too wonder what the hell that thing was.

"You're my blind date? Oh Steve is so dead, 'She carries a little extra weight my ass!'"

great episode

ive not played the game but i get the feeling that the game developers missed the point that baldur was supposed to be loved by everyone, at least they got his bad ass sword right...

I'm surprised they didnt' comment on the ludicrous fact that Grendel's FACE IS AN ELECTRIC SHAVER.

I mean, okay the woodchipper torso is fairly cool. But an electric shaver? For a face? Come on!

Iron Lord: If you're a fan of Norse mythology DO NOT PLAY TOO HUMAN YOU WILL PUNCH THE DISC TO PIECES

Ehh, this one wasn't so funny. Russell Crow never gets old, though.

And ew, that game looks awful judging even by the opening cinematic. No wonder it got bad reviews. That whole lengthy fight scene with no dialogue or interactivity at all... just bad, bad, bad, bad m'kay.

Too all you non-norwegians here (too bad for you :p) the bar fights in norway really are that bad...

For some reason, that whole fight reminds me of Grendel vs. Beowulf.

Still, good video.

2:00 That part when Baldur entered the Valkyries place reminded me of the first episode of the Berserk anime.

I suggest that Graham and Paul take us back to 1999 when Dreamcast was available and have some Unskippable episodes of Dreamcast games like Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage, Sonic Adventure, basically many of the games released for Dreamcast with lengthy opening cut scenes.

It's just a suggestion. Great job and I can't wait to see the next episode.

What on Earth was the point of the glowy rings on the trays?

Jesus Christ, this game I fukken ugly.

Jetsons : Brown and Bloom Grimdarkarines Edition

Gildan Bladeborn:
...sci-fi where you still use swords is pretty much my favorite kind of sci-fi (which you might have guessed by my choice of avatar).

But... but Gorechild is a ridiculous chainaxe, not a sword...
I suppose I still know what you mean, though.

"Why aren't we playing this. Looks like fun."

You'd be surprised. Seriously, that game sucked ass.

What on Earth was the point of the glowy rings on the trays?

because it's the FUTURE! ooooOOOooo XD

ssgt splatter:
For some reason, that whole fight reminds me of Grendel vs. Beowulf.

Still, good video.

if i remember correctly (though ive done my best to remove any memory of this game) its actually called grendel.

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