Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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I maintain that Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES is perhaps the best Mario game ever made. I haven't played the Paper Mario games so this opinion might change. And I too had an affinity for Luigi, since both he and I are younger siblings who are tall, gangly and are often passed over for larger, less interesting guys.

I'm looking forward to meeting Yahtzee at GameX this weekend.

I'm sorry Yahtzee. You tried, and it's not your fault, but it's just too hard to make Mario an interesting thing to review. It's just the usual stuff. Anyone who's played any Mario RPG knows what to expect.

You are right, tails was always better. At least until he got sex change in 2006. Anyway, I'd like to that Mario and Sonic winter olympic thingy get ridicule next week.

If I had three wishes I would wish for omnipotence then change the world as I saw fit then use my omnipotence to take my omnipotence away so I don't get bored.

I never heard of this game.

Luigi was always better. In SMB3, I used to always start in two player, give all Mario's lives to Luigi then kill off Mario.

It is a bit unfair that Luigi get pushed aside while Mario, fat glutton that he is, gets to soak up all the accolades. Kinda glad all he gets to do is save his MacGuffin princess who never puts out. The only times I've seen Luigi be the main attaction of a game is when Mario's been plot-conveniently Fat Italian Plumber-napped, see Luigi's Mansion or the laughably horrible Mario Is Missing. One of these days, Luigi's going to be in a game where he gets the poon while Mario is off crying about it.

On the subject of what this thread is about, another stellar one, Yahtzee.

I've always enjoyed the Mario RPGs as well. Good review, Yahtzee. ...Though I'm guessing this game doesn't stand up to Legend of the Seven Stars. Sigh.

RAWR submit your soul to the one eyed demon!

Is it just me or do Yahtzee's one liner keep getting better?

But what part is the eye?

Also, I think Yahtzee hates things (particularly other people) a bit too much.

I maintain that Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES is perhaps the best Mario game ever made.

Game was good when it came out, but fails to stand the test of time. Timing mechanics that it had have been improved upon in the Mario and Luigi games, and Mother 3 has something similar, but better. Humor is better in the Mario and Luigi games simply on account of Fawful. The platforming is atrocious because of that forced weird angle SNES fake-3D thing they have going on that lends itself about as well to good platforming as the Republican party does to helping minorities. Like I said, good for its time, but everything it did well or unique has been done much better than it ever did.

its not loading..

This didnt seem like a review but more of a rant,I still found it to be funny.

Heh. I remember those old, ridiculous challenging games.
Psycho Soldier was always a favourite. Jumping up and down, trying to avoid everything ever including hordes of bees that could kill you in one hit, as could everything else and boy did they like to spawn. Fun power ups though. The boss fights were rather odd though. The final boss you are fighting a flying dragons heart which is in fact impossible to kill in one go. Most of the other bosees present you with a building with some nasties in and shrugged it's shoulders. You won by doing what you did to kill all the enemies, spamming everything you have at it.
I could get to the third level boss without needing to continue and that's an achievement, believe you me.

Awful game but it has a place in my heart. Partly due to Athena Asamiya's debut performance and the award winning Engrish. FIGHT ON!

Oh, and I used to like Luigi better than Mario but because I prefered green to red. I stopped playing Mario when I was about 5.

Yeah, eviscerating a Mario game seems like a little too easy of a target. Yahtzee's at his best when he's showing pompous or oddly popular games to be emperors with no clothes on, not when he's kicking retarded dogs.

Yeah, eviscerating a Mario game seems like a little too easy of a target. Yahtzee's at his best when he's showing pompous or oddly popular games to be emperors with no clothes on, not when he's kicking retarded dogs.

Except he said the game was pretty good, just too easy. Mario games are only bad, from what I've seen, when they're party games, and even then they're still perfectly good for party games, even if not as good as Raving Rabids. Super Mario Galaxy? Great game and easily one of the best. New Super Mario Bros DS? Good, but far too easy. In fact, the only case I can think of of a non-party Mario game not being good is the DS version of Super Mario 64, and I'm not even speaking from experience with that one.

i agree, luigi over mario.

but sonic over tails.

I've always liked the Mario & Luigi series for the same reasons. The writing is hilarious and the gameplay is quite rewarding.

The new addition in the series made me cringe when I heard the title. I've yet to pick it up because the concept sounds horrible.

Anyways, good review.


Except he said the game was pretty good, just too easy.

I took 'digestive nadir' to be a pretty negative summary. But I admit that it's hard to tell sometimes.

At any rate, Yahtzee's trained us to expect quality bile, whether he likes the game or not. And imho it's better spent elsewhere.

Luigi is my favorite game dude and going in to this video I thought I'd be disappointing but Yahtzee has made my day. This is got to be my favorite video yet. =)

i agree, luigi over mario.

but sonic over tails.

Tails is way better. Who can choose speed (they run at the same speed so that's not even an argument) over flight. Jeez.


I think Yahtzee hates other people a bit too much.

You can never hate people too much.

Mr.Dude,way to double post like a moron.

Man, I'm sick of that Escapist News Network ad. "Hoorah! We're unfunny nerds with no sense of comic timing trying to be like the Daily Show for video games! Aren't we just as clever as all hell!"

Yes, Super Mario RPG is truly awesome. I still hope for a sequel made by Square.

Also, I demand your Uncharted 2 review ASAP. I clearly remember you bashing on Uncharted 1 and Im very curious how the vastly superior sequel fared with you.


I took 'digestive nadir' to be a pretty negative summary. But I admit that it's hard to tell sometimes.

He also said that you could have a good enough time with it on a plane flight, just so long as it wasn't too long a time. Coming from Yahtzee, that's practically a recommendation.

I always liked Tails more than Sonic, and Luigi more than Mario too. Heh, nice to see other people think that way :)

Another obscure yet funny game review. I also agree that the so-called "sidekicks" of the main character of the game sometimes have more backstory or is even more likeable than the main character himself. Thus I liked Tails better.

Oh how I wish Yahtzee reviews Brutal Legends and Borderlands. I would wait no matter how long it takes. I like his nitpicks and also we have certain affinities in single player modes.

I agree with the Tails + Sonic bit. And Brutal Legend next, PLEASE?

That'll probably depend on when it's coming out in Australia. Still, chances are good that he'll give that one a lookover since Yahtzee's a big fan of Tim Schafer's work.


I just watched this, but I have no audio. While I'm sure there is some context behind it, Yahtzee shooting that kid in the head was funny.

I wonder what else he's playing on the DS?

I love that having no audio didn't stop you from watching it anyway. I've never thought about watching Yahtzee's videos on mute but I really want to now.

It works better for some videos than others. For examle, you can guess that he's complaining about children when he shots that kid in the head, but the "poo and failure" sign is kind of nonsensical. I wish I could remember which videos are the funniest with no audio.

I have fond memories of the Mario RPGs as well. Granted, the last one I played was on the SNES, but still.

I might give this one a try, but I'm surprised it's out. Oh well. I got more than a few laughs out of this one. A good video, all in all.

It's a Mario game....Last one that I played that I actually enjoyed that wasn't because of nostalgia was Super Mario 64...they've been solid games since just don't have the same charm they used to.

Me and Yahtzee are of like mind in many aspects of game enjoyment - perhaps when you play enough games that happens to be the way of things. I, too, enjoy a good Mario RPG, and I'm sorry to hear that this one apparently is too kid-friendly/casual. I think the original Mario and Luigi was probably the best because it actually had some blisteringly convoluted combos you could pull off.

Partners in Time was disappointing simple in comparison, and from the sounds of things Bowser's Inside Story was even worse.

Glad to read that I wasn't the only one hearing that mic problem. It really interfered with joke getting because I was too busy trying to figure out what it was.

Wow, that one was great.

"go me I never mentioned that Mario is overused."

You just did.

Oh and when judging kiddy games it helps to remember that kids aren't as good at video games as teens or adults. I remember a Crash Bandicoot game killing me over and over when I was a kid and now I can breeze through it even after forgetting the layout.

I found myself agreeing during the child-loathing bit, then again I have quite the twisted, disgusting sense of humor. For a female, anyway. ^_^

And that mental image of the corn batting mini-game will be forever burned in my memory. Thank you, overactive imagination. Brilliant review.

Anyone know the approximate file sizes for these movies? I'm speed capped atm, and after 20 mins of waiting, I still haven't gotten past the black box with the loading circle. I'd like to work out an estimate of how much more time it's gonna be before I can actually watch this.

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