Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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I LOVE LUIGI!!! myself I think he should get more games

odst sad face

or mmo rpg aq worlds

Halo 1 & 2 were beater then Halo 3 or wars but odst is best

sorry just fond the mesage

amazing!... but oh, yatzee, wont you please review titan quest... *pleading face*?

I've got to give Yahtzee credit here. Mario and Luigi: Fantastic Voyage is basically exactly what you'd expect---a lighthearted, fun little romp that you don't have to worry your pretty little head about, the perfect break if you've been playing, say, Oblivion with FCOM and a host of other mods installed and the difficulty slider all the way to the right and want to feel like you don't totally suck at games.

It's the perfect game for a system like the DS, where you're most of the time going to be playing it in the sorts of places where it's really hard to get a rhythm going (unless you're like me and just play it in bed.) Nintendo knew exactly what it was trying to do, then they went out and did it, which means Yahtzee is left in a position where he's got to venture off on constant tangents like the sublime commentary on Gilded Age sociology that is the Mushroom Kingdom.

Damn good review and I laughed pretty often. The batting corn bits out his sphincter image is pretty disturbing, I agree. "Seriously I don't think you grasp how much I loathe children" and it's image in the video made me laugh so much.

<3 yahtzee everythng that come sout of your mouth is holy. /bow /bow /bow
sorry for creepyness

Harry Hasselhoff:
<3 yahtzee everythng that come sout of your mouth is holy. /bow /bow /bow
sorry for creepyness

I'm creeped out... let alone Yahtzee.

Have never actually found a mario game I like. Could be my complete lack of hand eye co-ordination.

Just sayin'

"The fuck is this" I agree on that one, Kids need more challenges and we shouldn't say "Oh, that looks great honey" We should rather start laughing and spit on it!

Family guy reference, if you don't get it, you suck.

Going off topic: but you should try Dungeons and dragons online (DDO) sometime. Its free now.... just thought id throw that out there.



I think Yahtzee hates other people a bit too much.

You can never hate people too much.

Mr.Dude,way to double post like a moron.

Firstly, yes, yes you can. Secondly, what do you mean "double posting"?

Excellent episode. I especially liked your dissection of the warring kingdoms in "mario land" (or Luigi land I suppose). Never heard it put so eloquently. Actually never heard it discussed that way at all but it was spot on and hilarious.

That said I've never actually heard of this game or the Mario&Luigi series. I enjoyed Mario RPG, and Paper Mario though so maybe I'll check it out.

ps: I hate children too

I'm going to post this now, before I watch this, to say that i can bet money that this will be another of the "omg i hatez nintendo waaah!" babbleing. I've never played the game and I probably never will, but these things are rarely funny. I'll edit this and comment on the video afterwards...

Edit: Ok, whilest there was his usual bitching, it wasn't that bad. He managed to implement comedy and valid points into this. I can accept this, and appreciate it. it was a review of a nintendo game that I actually laughed at for a change.

The political commentary was the best.

Also play some Etrian Odyssey. It won't refuse to hold your hand, it'll devour it.



I thought he was reviewing ODST. Its a shame how he judges halo on the 2 worst games in the series.

He said he wouldn't review it in extra punctuation, seriously you should read it so you avoid redundant comments like this.

Which one? I read most of them...



Comment time! Well i thought it was a good review... but WHY the DS?? I'd have thought a manly man of men like Yahtzee wouldn't be messing around with that tiny KIDDIES platform. YES i said KIDDIES. Many people have a problem with that, but it's true. By no means am i saying colorful games are bad. Nor am i saying childish games can't appeal to adults. I am simply pointing out that this was a strange review to do...

Anyhoo still enjoyed it as always ^-^

You did it wrong, if you don't quote they wont be alerted of your response.

I guess Yahtzee needs to play Etrian Odyssey...

Also play some Etrian Odyssey. It won't refuse to hold your hand, it'll devour it.

...Guess I'm not the only one who thinks this game defines hard with three letters: F.O.E.

now that i think about it why IS it considered that Sonic is better than tails? it just doesn't make any sense, every time i played as tailes in Sonic 2 i just breezed through every level, collecting everything Sonic couldn't

also "RAWR, submit your soul to the one-eyed demon!" best ZP line EVER!!!

I, too, favor Luigi. He is far better and taller and more wonderfuller than Mario. Everyone in the game seems to either hate him or ignore him, though...



You did it wrong, if you don't quote they wont be alerted of your response.

Ah right! Thanx my man! Didn't know about the notifications... No other forums i've been in have had them. Cheers.

I think you might be reading a little too far into this...

Assuming you aren't, then I feel that the political intrigue should be in EVERY Mario game.

ur voice and the way you talk is pretty F**kin hot dude. that kinda the reason why i friended you, along with the fact that i watch the reviews whenever i can and i like video games and shit, but yeah other than that ur pretty hot (a t least i hope you are)

Hilarious, great review as always. Can't wait for Brutal Legend review (if that is indeed your next one)

Read his Extra Punctuation on Wet, he is doing brutal legend next week.

I think you might be reading a little too far into this...

Assuming you aren't, then I feel that the political intrigue should be in EVERY Mario game.

Not really no. This was the only Mario game where a certain individual came up and destroyed both kingdoms. (Which is the "politics don't work part") In other Mario games it's just the Princess being kidnapped and you having to go save her from some random place Bowser is, and Mario is usually located in some equally random place (Mario Sunshine=Island, Mario Galaxy=Middle of Space etc).

After finally getting around to picking up Demon's Souls, I gotta say I can't wait for Yahtzee to do the same. A JRPG with a more western-style character creator and without a strictly linear plot railroading you from scene to scene (and not a turn-based sequence in sight), plus a brutally difficult and unforgiving combat system where death is not only expected, but strictly enforced.

It's not perfect; the camera in particular has already gotten me killed a half dozen times by enemies in rooms I'm walking into that I can't see until they're behind me, swords a'swinging. But, it's such an about face from the set pieces Yahtzee reminds us constantly that he hates, I think we're in for a treat when he gets around to playing it! I have to wonder how far along he'll force himself to play before getting around to a review though. I can already tell I'm going to be spending a LOT of time on this title, maybe not loving every frustrating second, but reveling in the satisfaction of each completed chapter.

Well this will sound swesomely fag, but I love your work. there I said it, in spite I have a little feeling inside that sais to me "he hates nintendo. don't like him." I do apreciate your work 'cause even being a nintendo lover and loving Wii (yes I'm a moron... and a tosser) I perfectly realise your dislike is perfectly logical. on to the game review. Enough with all the (how great your work is, you are a great guy, and I love every little shit you make cause you are great.)Hey you do a great job and I became addicted to it in less the 30 seconds. (how's that for ego booster. or it just makes me look more like a freaking nerd...) well moving to the luigi and mario thingy... I loved the video and well I never really liked mario or luigi, they seem to have a incestouse relationship, don't know why... though the games were allways fun, I never pay attention to the characters.Sonic and tails... Well lets not get me started on that part, I agree with you on any case here the only cool guy is Bowser, even though he is a fire breathing lizard and a bad guy in general. well i'll be not playing that game... I can't be assed to do it now... tommany games and books in my hands now good luck on your reviews, I'll keep watching and trying to see them all... I have alot to catch up heh.

Is there a reason why the bloody thing won't load?

Same for me - no videos load anymore. Stream is missing.

I Love Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars And Seeing It In This Episode Was A Bright Shiny Object In My Putrid Sea Of... Less Shiny Things, lol.

Could you, at some point, put all the extra bits you've put at the end of some of your videos in some archive somewhere? It's a bitch to have to look through your ZP videos and they are very, very entertaining.

His comments about hating children and how unforgivable old games used to be reminded me of "Heart of Darkness". Everything is trying to kill you and one of the things that made this game so disturbing is the many many many ways your preteen avatar can be killed.

There isn't even a tutorial of how to play so you'll probably die over and over again in sometimes cartoony and sometimes disturbing fashions.

Here's a video listing most of the ways this child can be horribly killed.

My only disagreement with this review is that Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door is your favorite Mario RPG. I didn't like that game at all after a bit of play because I felt like I was being forced to hear every characters whiney, bitchy, annoying, background story before being allowed to go anywhere else (I played up to after the Pianta Mafia section). All the while all mario says is *raises his hand up*. The text onslaught goes on and on and on when I never cared at all for any of the characters besides maybe Goombella cause she's the first basic Goomba I know that actually does more than walk left and right while giving you soul piercingly angry looks, and the Koopa Troopa kid with the bandaid on his beak.

Also, I will now and forever call the games Super Luigi Bros. cause I agree with you about Luigi being a better character than Mario as he actually has some personality. I also agree with you about Tails, though if youo notice, Tails's main difference from sonic besides the flying thing is that he accelerates slower.

Another amazing review, they always make me laugh.

Does anyone else get cravings to buy these crappy games just so they can see if what is said is true?

No ...

Just me then

hahah "Although they shouldn't relax, 'cause my love can be as caustic and poisonous as my hate"

As usual, great review, this one probably makes top 20.

Wario beats them both really, luigi and mario both suck in my opinion. gotta love the fat bastard..

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