Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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Pfft, Waluigi is better.


I don't always agree with what Yahtzee has to say but at least in this one, he insults people who use the term "kiddie game" and defends a Mario/JRPG game. Give yourself a pat on the back, Yahtzee. Don't worry, you can whip yourself later.

This has probably been brought up, but the "separate" jump button thing has been part of the Mario & Luigi series from the get-go, and is really more a consequence of the control scheme than an intentional "screw you" from the designers.

Now that I've gotten that justifying defense against one of Yahtzee's less caustic reviews out of my system, allow me to say: OMG I actually bought a game before someone reviewed it. Usually, by the time I purchase a game, it's been out for so long that people don't even harken back to it nostalgically anymore. In other words, about six to nine months. In any case, this came as something of a shock.
I'm a bit sad that Master Croshaw didn't even mention the touch-control giant Bowser fights. I figured they'd be right up his alley. Or the polar opposite of that. Down his alley, I suppose.
In any case, an enjoyable review, and I'm glad to see so many other supporters of the Man in Green. I also liked the sociopoltical considerations of the Mushroom Kingdom. I do love me some unnecessarily deep thought about video games.

"When I was a kid we played games where you had 1 life and every bird, insect and blade of grass was trying to murder you."

Best quote and it's so true... Companies now develop only games that are easy so everybody can complete them. Rare are the games that truly require efforts these days, the new generations want and expect games to be easy.

If this tendency continue, the next thing you know is you're going to start playing the game and be given the "YOU WIN!" or "CONGRATULATIONS!" in the first fucking frame of gameplay...

Yeah, more games should be like I Wanna Be The Guy.

...In that you have to battle giant boxers.

Knuckles was better than Sonic.

Hell, Victor the Alligator, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee, and Rusty the random tin can are ALL better than Sonic. He's your basic cardboard cut-out of SEGA's attempt to appeal to the 'wooaaaaahh-demographic' of the late 80s and early 90s. They succeeded, AT FIRST, before falling down a slippery slope of swords, transformations, cars, and of course ever-changing storylines.

To Sonic Team:

Pull your head out of the place you've been getting your games and stick with a storyline.

Greasy red balloon? I can always depend on Yahtzee to come up with some of the grossest analogies ever contrived by man. This does beg the question of what woman, (or man), hurt Yahtzee so that he would have such bile for the significant other?

Yahtzee are you sure that Bowser is the union leader and not the bourgeoisie? :P

I've always preferred mario from a mechanics standpoint, the floaty jump thing luigi sports doesn't feel as responsive as the quick pops mario takes.

The whole analogy of Peach kingdom versus Bowser union was GENIUS.

I always thought mari had utterly no characteristics,at least luigi has a personality.
I concur,Yatzhee!

Fuckin hilarious i even wear an old fashioned hat now

I think this is one of the funnier episodes. I think the gross out joke of greasy red womb balloons really helps, as does Ben's favouritism of Luigi. Sometimes, things just mix into something wonderful.

Anyone else think Yahtzee should have his older brother be a part of one of these reviews sometime?? I mean he had Graham Stark from Unskipable try one once with X Blades.

The Mario & Luigi series is my favorite game series of all time! I've even played played stuff like Mass Effect, and Paper Mario, but Mario & Luigi is my favorite game series. More specifically, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is my favorite game of all time. I've played through it at least 50 times, so I know the story like the back of my hand, and all of the secrets and helpful glitches in it. I LOVE these games.

I just wanted to point out a few things about your review of Bowser's Inside Story, which I've also played through more than once.

First, while I don't remember it being needed in this game, or Partners in Time, having two different jump buttons was definitely needed in the first one. It was used to solve side areas with a special kind of block called the Simultaneous Blocks.

Second, there is an enemy with several attacks that have NO pattern at all, but it's an optional boss, which is a pain in the arse to get to, AND it itself is easily the hardest boss in the game. You'd essentially have to run a gauntlet of bosses within a certain amount of turns to even get to it, and if you lose to one of the bosses, the super boss, or run out of turns, then you get to do the whole damn thing again. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're bored and really have nothing better to do.

This review itself is really funny! I also like Luigi better, and I'm the older brother in my family. I also didn't make the connection to the upper and middle class. That's freakin' funny!

Well, now you're getting Dream Team early, you lucky bastard. I hope you're happy.

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