A View From the Road: We Need More Giant Robots

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Now i may be showing my age here but did anyone ever have a ZOIDS model when they were kids? giant robots that were controlled by human/organic pilots & each one designed with a pecific role in mind!

I still have Zoid models, the question is does anyone else know the battle story and specs behind them? the anime series has always overplayed size and importance of zoids for example the Liger Zero Panzer, while treated as a gun battery with heat problems in show the battle specs state it can comfortably reach 300 KM/H! With no heat issues or weight problems, the Deathsaurer wasn't that big and the ultrasaurus wasn't a single zoid that turned the conflict there was an army of them.

The Battlestory is my favorite part of the zoids mythos simply because it's less about 'A boy and his zoid' and more about epic battles between continents fighting for control of the land, in short it's like the military side of the story in Zoids Chaotic Century.

Except larger.

I would even put up with a freewear anime Mecha mmorpg

now, i like giant robots as much as the next guy, but i prefer the walker version. the humanoid ones are too big, too overused, too unrealistic, and not awesome enough for me to like them.

plus the American realistic Warmechs just look cooler. its like a tank, that walks, with whatever you damn well please on it

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