GameX Live Video Broadcast - Friday

GameX Live Video Broadcast - Friday

Join the Escapist video team today at 4pm Eastern for a live video feed from GameX.

We don't have any specifics for you just yet, but who knows who might show up from the conference.

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this is so awesome, since i cant afford (and probably wont for the next 5-6 year) to go myself this is perfect, 4pm eastern is a little late for us over here in Europe but ill definitely stay up for the half hour of unskippable.

edit: oh yer its Friday, this is my first 3 day weekend in years and its really screwing whit my head, well looking forward to all the delicious goodieness of tomorrow.

edit #2: no just double checked, unskippable did their 30min video and some other escapist stuff was happening, but i guess that stuff was reserved for those who joined in, oh well sucks to be European and poor.

Will it be posted afterwards? I would like to watch it, but not at 7am when it is already 3:30 and I am only now thinking of bed.

Ugh, I normally go off at that time to attend to my other duties, but for this... I may just stay online.


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