The Escapist Presents: 30 Vampires in 30 Seconds

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Wow... I got 14/30 on my first try and i have only seen two of those movies (3 if you count Creepy McEmostare)

This one is just too good to pass by: Vampire Reunion.

I know my robots, but not my vampires. I got 16 and I was guessing most of them.
Also, twilight? I thought the escapist had more class. :P

This quiz is fucking hard.
At least with the other quizzes if you're not a hardcore geek for the subject matter, you can look up the names and titles. But with this one, a lot of the names are so incredibly generic that you HAVE TO know the movie/series/whatever.
Forget my first comment, this quiz isn't hard, it's un-fucking-fair.

OMG, how many times in a row can I forget what I've already guessed. That should have taken me 4 fewer guesses

You know what sucks.

Now we have to add the word gay to the list of words that come to mind when we think of vampires.

and as one of my favorite actor once said
"You maniacs!, damn you's, damn you's all to hell"

I want my 30th vampire, not some sparkling fairy freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only saw 29 vampires. Number 30 was a fairy


It told me I got question 30 wrong... I did not.. his name is Creepy McEmoFace, or at least it bloody well should be.

29 vampires and one wanna-be and you don't even have Dimitri from Darkstalkers?

Shame on you.

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