The Escapist Presents: 30 Horror Movies in 30 Seconds

30 Horror Movies in 30 Seconds

Can you identify these 30 Horror Movies? Take the 30 Horror Movies in 30 Seconds challenge as a part of our Halloween Extravaganza!

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Im not a horror movie fan, but 25/30 on my first go, im actually quite impressed

would've been 30/30 on my first go, but my computer bugged out and said I had 1:36 left when I restarted. Either way, I had to start again, but aced it. Guessed once or twice (number 5 almost got me, thankfully I know my JC movies).

Stumped on #2 and #13 but got the rest. Watching this made me want to rewatch some of these.

The only one I had problems with was #20, but I got it the second time around. Very nice quiz, though it did make me realize that I watch way too many movies. Also, #17 made me smile.

No "Attack of the Crab Monsters?" Really?

Stabby McRunfast:
Stumped on #2 and #13 but got the rest. Watching this made me want to rewatch some of these.

#2 is a Japanese horror flick that some American filmmakers have been flipping out about for a number of years now. It's level of gruesomeness puts Saw and Hostel to shame.

#13 was from a modern remake of a film that wasn't super popular to begin with. I think it came out in the past year.

27/30 on my 1st try!
It's mostly thanks to the little book I bought a few weeks ago "101 horror movies you must see before you die" :)(especially #14 and a few Japanese flicks)

I got 26/30 and I have only seen 3/30 movies.

Easy one, but I screwed up the first time and clicked the wrong one on 13 (House damn it, not Hills) and had to take another run.


really a "horror" movie?

Hey i'm kinda new (new being I never post in teh fourms) but guess is now number uno in the ranks....for now at least lol

22/30, better then I thought I'd do. Problem was less remembering the movies themselves and more remembering what order they came in.

Sorry to say but I didn't take the challenge. I instead just looked at all the pictures one at a time to see if I could figure them out. Overall, I got 28 out of 30 with only #13 and #22 leaving me stumpt. I do have my guesses but it seems that this thread doesn't want to give the straight answer. For #13, I think it is a film that is a recent remake which I didn't see since I saw the original a long time ago. For #22, I am merely guessing that it is a horror film whose title is a noun and takes place in a jungle environment.

I got all the movies right on my first go-through, but the quiz didn't count the 30th answer and I had to START THE FUCK OVER!!

got all but five of them, #9, #12, #13, #20, and #26. everything else was too easy (only three Stephen King movies? interesting)


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