Unskippable: Genji: Days of the Blade

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Thanks for pointing out that this game promotes genocide XD

How can the Heiji be all that bad if they gots a hot chick like that slaying guards! hehe

Younger brother, once he spoke, reminded me of Orlando Bloom. When they should have probably been going for Daniel Dae Kim. At least the accent would be correct.

Thanks for pointing out that this game promotes genocide XD

How can the Heiji be all that bad if they gots a hot chick like that slaying guards! hehe

If Genocide was being perpetrated by hot chicks, I would totally be switching sides!
I got some Ninja Scroll vibes from this vid, but knew deep down, it was nowhere near being as good. Too bad for the game, but oh so awesome for Unskippable! Thanks G&P!

Hold, and down...

Loved the Dreamworks reference. Great job.

Brilliant - and you're right, the guy does sound British putting on a Japanese accent. Also, why are Brito-Japanese people engaging in ethnic genocide?

That's a damn good question! You're supposed to be the good guys, but you're commiting genocide? What the hell?

Stabby McRunfast:
Loved the Dreamworks reference. Great job.

Same here. Very good Unskippable this week. There were an awful amount of cliches in this cutscene, good to point them out.

great video, guys
the jokes really got to me this time lol
and as always, I love Star Wars references xD

Well done, it most certainly livened up the japanese gibbering I hardly understood a squat of their overly long names of uncomprehended meaning.
And how come the guards failed so hard a single human being managed to eliminate both before they even drawed their bloody swords.

Otherwise, good stuff, good stuff.

Nice work, as usual. Loved the bit about "evil porpoises", and also how they commented on whether the other side were //really// the bad guys or not.

By far the best one for a while...

Does that mean I'm racist?

"Cleverly disguised San Andreas expansion."
Hee hee. Although this cutscene had me thinking it was a cleverly disguised Onimusha game.

And did anyone one else think that one guy looked like a Japanese Orlando Bloom? and the main character guy looked kinda like Elija Wood? With a cast like that, I'd almost call this a Japanese Lord of the Rings, except I don't recall there being genocide in Lord of the Rings. ...at least not being done by the "good guys" anyway.

Didn't know that flutes are instruments of Shaitan.

History is written by the victors. The Genji won and thus became commonly accepted as the good guys in that conflict. It is not the game's invention.

Japanese night flute music, Cappelle the Soother, and ancient Japanese Death Star were all win.

Oh! Oh! I get Japanese cliches, sword fights too fast to follow AND a barely comprehensible plot? Sign me up!

All I could think during that cutscene was "Mahogany."

Just letting everybody know that the first game was really, really good. So play that instead of this.

I had to stop the video just to laugh at the "they killed the dreamworks boy!" bit.

Oh man, I've been a fan since day one and always enjoy your work, but this was one of the best in a while.

Best one in weeks, the jokes were really snappy.

yea this one made me laugh more than any one I've seen in months. as much as I like to see someone taking the piss out of big titles, you guys are best when the cutscenes are truely cheesy. and brother (from another mother), this shit was so cheesy my headphones have mold growing in them!

ahhh, i love games with race hating mass murdering samurais.

man there are so many great jokes in this one that its difficult to pick the best, but I think it would be the ancient Japanese death star

I loved this:
"Oh my god, they killed the kid from the Dreamworks logo. Bastards!"
That was hilarious, well done again!

Next game in the series: you play one of the poor schmucks caught up in the middle of all this reciprocal oppression and genocide and have to somehow get your village's population out alive and set up and defend a new home somewhere else, starting with only rudimentary knowledge of farming and simple construction.

It's actually the next in the Age of Empires series too, only you don't get to / have to command the battles in such detail, instead having to fight through them.

Everyone knows porpises are evil. Haven't you ever seen Flipper?

''We already have Capell the soother''
''Oh my God you killed the kid from the dreamworks logo!''

One of the best unskippables there is.

For the record, the Ancient Japanese Death-star is a giant metal ball that you roll over your enemy.

you do realize that there was a game before this were the heishi were all evil and what not so you have a little more to go on then just their word that there evil


Awesome episode as usual!

*slap* Dolphins *slap* are *slap* NOT *slap* porpoises!! *a few more slaps for good measure*

You know, I wouldn't be me if I didn't point out that the "good guys commiting genocide" isn't as atrocious as it sounds, seeing as in most conflicts so far, killing civilians of the other side was pretty much standard... You only get "good" and "bad" guys in history books... Hell, even WW2 wasn't nearly as black-and-white as is usually portrayed...

But otherwise, great video! "I thought that's how Japan sounded at night" might be my personal favourite for hours to come.

I haven't been able to watch the last few because the games are just so obscure (to me at least - maybe I'm the only one) its hard to watch and maintain an interest, even with great jokes.

Maybe we could have some more mainstream games? I know, I know, booo to me I like western games.

I AGREE. I wish i had an army of evil porpoises. That way, the ocean would be mine!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we could have some more mainstream games? I know, I know, booo to me I like western games.

Perhaps games like Too Human? Prototype? Red Faction?

Good stuffs like always. I loved the ending with the burning palace and Paul goes "California!?" xD

Oh god, pick an accent. Why is it that if something takes place long ago and far away the people in the story have to have bad British accents?


I didn't think they were, it's just the first thing that comes up on google images when you type in evil porpoise :P

You are acquitted, then... I'll still slap you a bit more though, just for the fun of it. *slap*slap*slap*

And here I was thinking evil porpoises were just my little fantasy I dream of every night before I go to sleep... But they seem to have a whole following!

Great again lads. Unskippable always cheers me up when I'm down. Keep up the good work.


Stabby Joe:
Is this the game that contains the fabled GIANT ENEMY CRAB?!

Yep! I was waiting for the 'For Massive Damage' joke.

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