The Escapist Presents: Live Chat with Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

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Great interview, I wish I could talk to him. We have really similar opinions, but we would probably drown each other in the massive sea of sarcasm.

BTW, he looks damn sexy in those jackets.

That was interesting, but I can't believe Yahtzee started mirroring her North American end-of-sentence 'lift' - the whole 'talking along a rising scale' thing. Argh.

Also, I'm realise it wasn't a deliberate snub, but it was a bit off-putting that the interviewer kept looking away for follow-up questions when Yahtzee was talking to her, it came across as rather rude.

Also, I'm realise it wasn't a deliberate snub, but it was a bit off-putting that the interviewer kept looking away for follow-up questions when Yahtzee was talking to her, it came across as rather rude.

Susan was looking away for questions, because they were coming in live from IRC chat and had to be relayed to her somehow. It really has nothing to do with a standard interview format, other than to paraphrase translated IM-speak for a televisual audience.

I actually got saints row 2 only because ZP said it's how gta once was, and after playing gta4 that I hated partly because they added realism into it and partly because after paying for it I found out about an iron maiden concert I now could not afford. But when I made my character after watching this I realized he looks a lot like ZP but with a black suit and fedora and his hair is black. Even the accent/voice is similar should make playing more interesting from now on.

Nice interview tho wish I had caught it live.

Also living on a prayer is playing in the background during the explanation of the boring picture.

I always thought I was the only one who didn't know who the boring face guy was.

This was pretty intresting to see.

2 minutes in and it turns into a book promotion. Booh sell out :P

Also wtf real life yahtzee talks much slower and uses euh and tss a lot.

as a fellow englishman, I have to say that living away from the UK has destroyed his accent

'Metal' is pronounced: Meh'al....not medal

Just because you are speaking to yanks Yhatz doesnt mean you have to talk like one

Also, chill out no need to be so nervous, ur a legend nobody is marking you on this shit lol

Two Things;

1. What doofus managed to mis-spell Susan's name, and why has only one other person picked up on it?

2. Susan Arendt looks almost nothing like I imagined her to.

Does the Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thing ever stop? What time can I skip to for it to work again?

Edit: Nevermind. Damn. I wanted to hear if he said anything about Heavy Rain on that question.

He sounds like a busy, busy man. Good for him.

Interviewer was very annoying but she gave it a good shot.

Totally might have to drive up and give the Mana Bar a look if it succeeds...

Okay, so I'm not the only one who hears that it's very haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

did any one catch the name of his book?? i am not sure but i don't remember them actually saying the name lol

I wish Yahtzee the best of luck with his new book. KEEP IT UP YAHTZEE!!!

The book sounds like otherland to me

The book's premise reminded me.

When Yatzhee says "It's very hard" the sound bugs out...or was that done on purpose?

...And whistled for a Baboon.

oh god i feel like such a horrible person right now. I was predicting more than half of Yahtzee's answers... I gotta stop watching zero punctuation

5:41 to 6:04 is corrupt
Sound skips on 'hard'
(which is actually kind of funny now that I think about it, considering all of Yahtzee's penis jokes)
If there is anyway to fix this, please do so. I know you guys work very hard, so I personaly don't expect it to get fixed super quick, like most people will. But you're not gonna stop hearing about it until it is fixed, I'm afraid. I just wanted to map out where the distortion occurs.
If this sound distortion is on purpose, it is not apparent, though I do appologize if it is a joke that went over my head, but I seriously doubt this is a possibility.

After distortion "This is all vital information for all you Yahtzee stalkers out there."
Aw man! :( Frownie face...

Lol, wouldn't it be hysterical if it had skipped right over him saying seriously personal stuff, like his address, home phone number and credit card information?

...well I think it would be.

Horrible interviewer... upbeat, slightly vacant american meets deadpan, monotonal anglo-antipodean. Not a good mix, yet it was still fairly informative. 6.5 out of 10.

wow skipped the n64 generation?

N64 aged badly? SHUT UP. the gamecube/wii graphics are not even that much better than n64. they have barely changed in comparison to ps1 to ps3.

Is someone who can't drink alcohol allowed to serve it? If Yahtzee's bar starts up I'm so going there, and if possible getting a job as well! I'd assume in the valley, anyone think elsewhere in Brisbane?

Is that an OxFam pin on Yahtzee's trilby? Cool.

I love that the sound cuts out when he talks about QTE's. Also "Zed, not 'zee'". You're an Australian damnit.

Jesus, that was the most AWKWARD VIDEO EVER!!!!

I came to the conclusion:

1: He hates that overly, passive aggressive, narcissistic, American bint with a passion.

2. He accidently had sex with her, when she mistook him for a hairy woman; the shame that never dies.

3. He hates her, (that is obvious), but as she is somehow, his boss, or is shagging his female executive boss, he is totally screwed

4. Yahtzee is actually a total social retard and in fact gets his mum to write the shows. A computer Jamie Oliver as it were, the hat is to hide the box of matches and K-mart underwear.

As I quite like Yahtzee, and had an instant dislike for that: 'Roseanne Barr lady squeezed into a smaller body with none of the humor(?)
She made me cringe, I was hoping someone would suddenly smack her with a fish and yell at Yahtzee to run with all the power his little syndromy legs could muster.

It really felt like, dance bear, dance, as she welded a hot poker and Yahtzee, did his little Yahtzee dance....oooh but the cold silence and the smell of burning bear flesh as Yahtzee started to swear and try to do HIS dance and not her unilaterally pre-agreed Yahtzee dance...

"Dance how we said my bitch bear Yahtzee"

She is really quite unnerving, like the Borg queen but on a really off day, I think she needs an oil change for her kick started Thermos..

Susan Arendt:
Ok, having watched a bit of this now, I'm stunned by how quiet the ambient noise in the video was compared to the actual show floor. We basically had to shout at each other to be heard at all - glad to see it wasn't quite so overpowering in the video.

I never noticed the noise from the environment in the video, but it was a little hard to hear what you were saying a few times, when the microphone was pointed away from you as you remarked, or replied to what Yahtzee said.

I quite enjoyed the interview, very insightful. looking forward to Mogworld.

God, if his bar becomes a reality as soon as I turn 18 I'll be down there.

I'm with you on that one! after i save the money to fly over.

Even though it's pretty old now, I still found the interview interesting; it was nice to hear Yahtzee speaking at a more regular speed! Though I don't know if it was just me, but it seemed like he kept making this tongue-click-esque noise at points where he stopped to think or change the topic. I initially only noticed it once or twice but by the end I couldn't stop...

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