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You know, I really quite like this series...

Well Yahtzee could be a good serious actor if wanted to be. I sense a bit of truth to the ROJO thing. Some reviewers seem to have an idea of what they will give a game before it comes out. At least they spice it up more than "COMPELLING."

Haha! Peeping Snake - "Japanese gamers: Finally."

There have been a lot of Japanese culture sex jokes on this site and FOR GOOD REASON! I wonder if the Japanophiles know about this to...

Next we will have Rojo's for movies. Very compelling.
Poor field reporter dude.

*Little toe = Journalistic Integrity Module (optional)*
It's funny because it's true. Also, sad.

But...haggis doesn't come in cans!

Hmm, Kathleen is pretty :3

Best ep yet. I've been watching since the debut. It has been a steady improvement and I can now say that I am a fan.

Haha, very well done. Enjoying all of these.

The actual Rojo bit was very good.

...when asked about the possibility of a super sayan 5 Vagita, Dr. Angstrum was skeptical, saying at that point he would basically be a ten foot high tower of blonde hair and probably wouldnt be that effective in a fight...
AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! GJ guys that made my day

Ben mad a camio wow! thats new & complling


How is the dark corner dying of shame?

I probably wouldn't have recognized Yahtzee if I hadn't watched the interview with him, though, so don't feel too bad.

I'll just be over here in this dark corner, dying of shame.

My shame is doubled at the omission of that comma.

My plan to become the only active member of the Escapist is working!

Awesome video. Didn't really pay attention to the video, so first I thought "Damn that guy sounds like Yahtzee!"
I felt like a moron when i realized that it actually WAS Yahtzee.

Is it wrong that my favorite part of the video was the talk of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert?

Also, love the hatless Yahtzee!

I know I spotted some Yahtzee in there :P
And awesome show allround ^_^ nice.

(even without letting the LRR updates drop in frequency too much either, yay)

I was compelled to write this.

And now it is written.

Great job as always.

Best one yet!

That Matthew Boltingham was sure handsome and his voice was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Good show, and i like Yahtzee's cameo.

Best episode yet! Laughed greatly at Paul getting fired for being downright awful at his job (being a UK and Ireland correspondent) and an amusing guest appearence from Yahtzee "betas are already running on a few well known gaming websites, we're holding you to guess which ones!"
brilliant stuff.

I could not help but rage at the Gamestop section.

It just reminds me of how miserable it was to work there.

The LRR crew and Yahtzee have quite some chemistry. Love these crossovers. We need more of them. They are very... Compelling.

So does this mean you guys are goin to replace our beloved Yahtzee?!?


"A ten foot tall tower of blonde hair."

I laughed my ass off. Not only because I hate DBZ, but because I can see it happening.

Also, bonus points for the Yahtzee cameo. Well done.

Ohhh, should I say it??? Should I...

Ah, the hell. That video was compelling and cinematic. Especially the Yahtzee appearance. "While the power level for this game is currently unknown". Who doesn't know it? Of course it is OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!!!

And the flight simulator being ported to the Wii!

Awesome episode guys, really. Seeing Paul dressed up as a Scotsman made me spit water all over my keyboard.

And Kathleen does NOT have a "huge head", not in the slightest. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but that's just snarky and not needed nor tolerated.

(1000th comment with...)


Great episode. I found the part where they hold up superman 64, big rigs and clusters revenge photos. THAT WAS EPIC. I Loved the I feel asleep... Just, this was funny!

Where did Yahzee appear?

I like the timing of the jokes. I can see them coming, but they are still damn funny. Especially the Wii Flight Sim one.

Hideo Kojima is reversing his "No Actual Gameplay" stance for the next MGS? I find this to be compelling.

Yahtzee's straight up portrayal of an executive was most cinematic.

I was thinking, That guy looks alot like Yhatzee

then I say the credits and facepalmed

Yay, Yahtzee was in it. The amount of win in this video just increased by 50%. Thus, this video was very interesting.


This stuff is getting better! Thumbs up.

Compelling.... AND cinematic! I'm better than ROJO.

Whats up with the crossovers this week, Doomsday Arcade and ENN!

Not that im complaining

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