Doomsday Arcade: Episode 21

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Jesus Christ this episode is fantastic! Wondered what the Laser Cat was :)

Great show. Somting still good here.

Oh, that was a great episode...

hilarious episode, loved the keyboard cat reference the most you just dont get better than keyboard cat :o

Loved the guest appearence.

This episode was amazing.

Also, looks like you guys have used a video copilot tutorial :D

Great episode! The cameos were a nice touch.

that was spectacular. also graham played that very well. that bit was just superb. hell i love this show :)

Da ta ta da datatadata... we just got played off by Keyboard Cat!

Interesting episode.

God mode! Never turned off. Told'ya.

Also: Paul is Gordon Freeman, apparently.

Crossover much? Unskippable, and if I'm not mistaken, also apocalypse lane. No yahtzee? well, fuck him.

Also...Paul.... OR DR FREEMAN? See, the human resistance has been infitated by Gordon Freeman and Cooking Mama (see the kitchen). EDIT: Note the crowbar in Pauls hands!



I think the resistance has been infiltrated with Cooking Mama and Gordan Freeman as Paul. Note how he 1. Looks like him 2. Has a crow bar 3. Didn't talk at all. I think we all see where this could be going...

Cool episode, the guests were awesome- How'd you guys convince they other zp guys to do stuff for you? A nicely written letter?


I enjoyed seeing Graham and Paul in this episode. I wish there was collaboration between the different shows more often.

that would kill the fun.

when it happens see it as a gift.

It wouldn't kill the fun for me, and webshows aren't gifts. They are entertainment. Do you think Christopher Nolan made "The Dark Knight" as a gift to fans? (Just a random example of something in the entertainment industry, obviously it isn't a webshow.)

I would enjoy a little more collaboration, but you are right, the scarcer it occurs, the funnier and more appreciated it tends to be,

I cried tears of joy.

Also, nice dig at the ratings board, if that's what it was.

Also...Paul.... OR DR FREEMAN? See, the human resistance has been infitated by Gordon Freeman and Cooking Mama (see the kitchen). EDIT: Note the crowbar in Pauls hands!



You, sir, may be on to something.

Anyhow, the Lazer/keyboard/kazoo/Cuddles reference was pretty damn amusing. Also, I did enjoy the banter between Graham and yous guys. Very amusing, but I'm left wondering... did all the escapist video contributors just meet at GameX and go "Wanna be in my show?"

Not that that's a bad thing, but I got that feeling during the Yahtzee cameo in ENN.

I think the mod thing was a clever idea.

Anyway, keep up the good work, guys.

Great episode! Special kudos to Graham and Paul for agreeing to appear in it. Since they also did a crossover with Yahtzee, we definitely need to have some kind of pan-Escapist crossover at some point.

Also, I didin't know that Paul could kill Collssuses........ or Collossi..... Wahtever.

Paul can kill anything.


I am in amazement. That was great.

That was deifnately the best episode ever. I love cross-overs.

Best. Episode. EVER.

Seriously guys, you've gone from strength to strength. But now you managed to fit Lazer Cat (with some sort of schizophrenic Cuddles personality), the guys from Unskippable and valuble exposition. Loved the banter between Graham and Shanks!

Seriously, my favourite episode to date.

The guy from unskippable with the beard is handsome.

Excellent episode, easily the strongest one so far. The fanboy part of me is definitely hoping for Ben Croshaw in the final battle now...

OH CRAP!!! I've put it all together!

Yahtzee is the final boss lol

But seriously, that would be epic, he wants the NPCs to kill all of the horrible video game designers which is why they are taking over

(I almost regret posting this, as now it will never happen lol)

Great episode, and I'm glad to see Paul is fully capable of taking on Colossus's as I predicted.

Also, anyone else notice Cooking Mama in the kitchen!?

OT: Was that a reference to the Splinter Cell trailer, or whatever had that piano cat in it?

Job well done with the writing :) Oh, and acting for that matter. Moar, plx!

The Escapist is really doing some serious series mix-ups these days lol, I love it! keep it comming, good stuff XD

I thought keyboard cat was the head of the resistance for a moment there... oh wells!

"Sorry, hanging a what?"

"Boy? How old are you 19?" "18."

"I'll leave you to get blazed and mumble over someone else's videos."

My god, that was fantastic. This show is really starting to push the fourth wall. It worked for Deadpool though, so why not?

Oh, and lazer cat. Nice.


Also, anyone else notice Cooking Mama in the kitchen!?

Yeah, she was wearing glasses so you couldn't see her seriously freaky eyes.


Awesome episode:D! I sure didn't expect Unskippable or Cuddles in it(loved when Graham picked his phone and said: Oh it's our other show).

Also, I didin't know that Paul could kill Collssuses........ or Collossi..... Wahtever.

He had a crowbar, what COULDN'T he kill?

Seeing Graham and Paul in there was great - the rivalry was hilarious. And "Paul had to kill three colossi on the way over here" seriously cracked me up.

Fingers crossed for a Yahtzee cameo in a future episode.

Very cool. Atkinson's R18 death was much giggled at.

Ahhh...I love a crazy crossover!!

Nice job, great to see Graham and Paul in another crossover, very witty guys (Paul is a scary dude, I nearly shat bricks). The story is really coming together, it's going to be an epic ending, though I'd hate to see that day come.

I noticed that you're really stretching as far as actors go, but the versatility is quite good. Can't wait for the next episode!

"The NPCs were created by Man. They rebelled. They evolved. They look and feel human. Some are programmed to think they are human. There are many copies. And they have a plan."

May I be the first to posit that many who are officially related to the Escapist and other gaming media(aside from the Michaels) are secretly NPCs and just not know it? Just look at Susan Arnnet, She looks like Vanessa from P.N.03!

EGADS! what if Yahtzee is the main boss from Polybus or our Gary here is a copy of Valve's Gary!

And where did Bruce come from? Most likely from the Monty Pythons skit, but what if his real name is Saxton?!!?! OMG THIS ASPLODES MA' MIND!


Oh yeah, Mama has rocking hair. Some one tell her that.

Funniest episode I've seen yet.

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