Doomsday Arcade: Episode 21

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Whats the song/music name what laser cat plays?

It references Keyboard Cat (, that link should tell you somewhere there but Im afraid I cant remember the name of it.

EDIT: Also, this series keeps getting better and better, its developed so much since its beginnings! Its almost a shame knowing the end is soon! :(

It could go on for like 2 more years.

Paul looks like such a fucking bad ass. haha
"What's that? oh It's our second show."
So freaking funny!
Man they were moded? I thought Taod was just a pussy incapable of doing the simplest task...

So wait, the person modding them is Gary? Would that make them Gary's Mod?

lolz that's awesome that they used Cuddles' voice from Apocalypse lane for Lazor Cat. genius. love this show too much.

lol garry + modder = garrys mod

ZOMG! cuddles!

'Oh, who that on the phone, oh our second show excuse me' I love that bit


I liked the meeting of graham and paul in this video, also all the funny jokes and references make this series rule

Now, Garry didn't happen to be a reference to Garry's Mod, did it? Naaaaaahhh....

Is that Yahtzee playing bruce?

Graham and Paul, and then Cuddles? Could this episode have been any more awesome?

That cameo of Cuddles was perfect!

hey, did you edit this? last seven or eight times I saw it I am 100% sure it was different!

yay, paul and yathzee cameos

Well, that cameo was nice and awkward XD

I love the subtle reference to paul looking like gordon freeman

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