Real People, Fantasy Land

You may have read about it already, but just in case let me direct you to the Azeroth Metroblog. I'm a contributor to my local Metroblog, but I had no idea Azeroth had joined our family until I got an email from honcho Sean Bonner letting us know that this little easter-egg project had been outed by the likes of his friend Wil Wheaton and WoW Insider. (I swear, that's not an intentional Easter pun, kids.)

Hey Will, on a note totally unrelated to your post, are you the same Will Hindmarch who has written adventures for Decipher's Star Trek RPG?

Sorry! I totally missed this comment.

To be technical, I think the only Star Trek adventures of mine that circulated were written for the Last Unicorn Games edition of the Trek RPGs. But to be honest, I probably wrote more scenarios for the Decipher edition (which is, in my opinion, superior by like a lot) and just didn't circulate them because I imagined that, somehow, I'd find a profitable venue for them. (Of course I didn't.) But, yeah, I'm that same Will Hindmarch.

So, now that you know that, let me apologize.


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