Unskippable: Borderlands

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Well, congrats go to Graham and Paul for turning a terrible pre-game cinematic into comedic gold. I mean, this opening was pure SHIT !

And way to reference that shitty Mad Max movie. Beyond Thunderdome was just as terrible as this opening. Heh heh, stupid Blaster.


Pilot Bush:
a bus through the desert? Like some kind of DESERT BUS?

I cannot... I cannot believe we failed to reference our own damn thing.

We rule.

FYI, everyone else: http://www.desertbus.org
It's coming.

Once again the day is saved by anonymous LLR fan.
lol I didn't expect anyone to even see this, much less the creator comment on it.
'Twas an honor, Graham

Is it just me, or was Borderlands one of these games that hide around forever and then just go "A-HA!" and jump out of a pile of other games?

...Um, I guess what I'm getting at here is I have literally not heard ANYTHING about this game up until a few weeks ago. No hype, nothing. And now, BAM! Every single game reviewing site is mentioning Borderlands somehow. It's creepy.

You heard no hype? Really?

haha, I loved "she goes like this weeeooo weeeooo weeeooo."

Also, I think that guy actually looks a bit like an old Roman. Maybe Liberty City just became so riddled with crime that it just collapsed into itself.

@ 3:49

Bang...headshot! XD


I wish I could get neck biceps, too.

Its sad but I have some. Its one of the dangers of Headbanging too much.

Props for linking Brutal Legend and Borderlands, IrishBerserker. *Thumbs-up.*

I also don't watch Unskippable, but since they're roasting a game I bought, I thought I'd give it a look. I LOL'd at least five times, especially loudly at the ones making fun of Brick.

The Venus-fly trap dog crossing the road bit was funny as hell.

I really wanna get Borderlands for the random generated guns. Quad Barelled Rocket Launcher Shotgun ftw.

Cage the Elephant, Humorous intro, and Unskippable. It's a dream come true!

I love Borderlands, and this video was awesome. The dog joke made me burst out laughing.

The group has one woman, and she's a seductress... Or seductress themed.

One step forward, two steps back.

"It's time to see big American titties with Niko, my cuzzan!" - That was awesome!

Good to know Roman found further employment after what happened in Liberty City.

"This is not fallout, this is NOT fallout..."

This is funnier the 2nd time around, and when you're drunk

this video wasn't that funny, I'm not saying that because I play borderlands, I thought Prototype was funny but this was just ridiculous.

Let's hope this "concept art as cutscene material" trend doesn't continue. I think you move beyond pencil sketches after the first year of art class.

Mordecai Richer kicks ass

yes Paul yes he does

and you will go see big american titties with my cousin nico!
aw funny as usual!

dog joke = very funny

Why did the dog cross the road? He didn't! Best joke so far.

"This is a knife" Dundee reference wins

Great one guys

"why did hte horrable dog thing cross the road?"
"he didnt!"




Face it... "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" is an awesome song for this cutscene!

Roman Bellic impression!!!

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