226: The Agony of Defeat

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It is a real shame that there are not many games that are made that depict you as the loser. I for one would love to play a WWII game where it focussed on the German invasion of France in 1940 because you'd start off all cocky and confident and then everything would just go to hell. Making games such as that would revitalise the WWII genre and generate a new experience for anyone who is interested. Plus just once I'd like to be the loser in a WWII FPS/RTS.

Have you tried Hearts of Iron?

WOAH. I see this article on the main page, read the comments, and BAM! There's a comment that I wrote, 2 years ago! Freaky!

Regardless, this is a very good article, well written to boot.

Just found this article; almost three years after it was posted. A very interesting read, but also very one-sided, like the games you criticized. The problem with your main argument is that YOU as in the protagonist MUST move on and survive or else the game would be over in every battle. It wouldn't be a very fun game if you had to take control of a new character with a new squad every time now would it? I like the idea of Silent Hunter III, because it does seem much more realistic and creative, but games don't need to be realistic. Hell, realism is something that I think is making the game industry very bland at the moment. Realism is not a good goal to strive for because now its getting to the point where realistic games are just boring.

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