Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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points for listening to Frank Klepacki

absolutly brilliant yahtzee loved every miunte of it :)

hahahaha that last bit with the line with the terrorist comment made me chuckle =]

that was pretty cool, much slower, but definitely nice to see the person behind the voice

well not always, sometimes it's like 'oh he has a good radio voice' or w/e but then they're just some fat smugly person staring at you hungrily o.O

Am I the only one who fell asleep a couple of dozen times?

Then the ending credits made my ears bleed.

Awesome. I love how they start it off clean and even bleep the bad words at the beginning, and then it slowly gets dirtier and dirtier until he finally ends it with "giant cock and balls." XD

Also, in motion, Yahtzee doesn't look as scary.

I always wonder what the pins on his hat and jacket say.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that he sounds a LOT less Intelligent without a Script... but MY GOD!!!
It was like watching a recording of Open Mic Night! None of the Jokes were even Half-funny :(

Haha, you sound like such a stoner when describing the buildings =)

OK, so i made an account just to post here... i am shocked at the amount of good to bad reviews of this road trip... as i was reading it i felt like a schizophrenic who went off her meds and was seeing her best friend that she killed last week a in homicidal rage alternately forgiving and damning me.

thats about all... abortion jokes are OK in my book no warning needed.

P.S. you should be proud of making me sign up since i have been watching this since it started and only now have i been reading reviews...

lamest ZP EVAR!!!

What video did he say he made the miscarriage joke?

Haha! Very funny! It is strange how he talks slow in this video but in his Zero Punctuation series he speaks a lot faster

The backing music to this edition sounds like you've ripped it straight from C&C: Red Alert.

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