Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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Was this even intended to be entertaining?

Seriously? This isn't funny at all. Stop with the stand up casual comedian career right now. Your are a writer not an actor. You should stay behind cameras were you are good , stop the video front cover picture thing, we don't want that.
This is by far the worst ZP video ever it sould be banned.

You do realize that ZP simply couldn't fucking be made, since, you know, he's about 5 thousand miles away from his computer?.

Seriously, think for a second you miserable self-entitled fucking brat. Be at least a little reasonable.

Ah, Washington, lovely place, would hate to live there. Oh, want to know why? Well, I did what Yahtzee is doing here ages ago. Check it out:

Dam I just came....

While i understand that yes by now Yathzee has a rabid fanbase (myself included) and didn't want to disapoint them, seriously dude why? I turn the video off after about two minutes, this just wasn't funny, and yes i understand you need a break every now and then you could have just posted a note saying you were on Holiday. You are at your best hiding behind the Rorshach mask that is Your Yatzee persona, without that you are nothing but Ben Crowsaw,a dry witted, british guy who drives around america with a camcorder, telling everyone he's on the road in america. This felt more like some tweleve year olds home video than a Yatzee Review, seriously dude Stay behind the camera and stick to what you know.

It was either this or "There will be no Zero Punctuation this Wednesday". Which would you prefer? Stop whining and realise you're not obligated to watch.

Yahtzee sucks in every live event he does because he's clearly too shy to act like his ZP persona, which is what we love. He acts just like he does in ZP in the Australian Gamer Podcast, so I can only assume it's a fear of speaking in public.
We picture him telling people to fuck off and kicking bums in the street and what we get is this quiet, nice English guy trying to do deadpan standup and failing miserably. Huge disappointment.

I liked the ZP theme playing on the stereo at 0:33 onward. That was funny.

Yahtzee sucks in every live event he does because he's clearly too shy to act like his ZP persona, which is what we love. He acts just like he does in ZP in the Australian Gamer Podcast, so I can only assume it's a fear of speaking in public.

Writers generally aren't public speakers. Just saying.

It was kind of like King of the Hill a little bit.

I was hoping for a Borderlands review, but I guess this better than no ZP or a clipshow episode.

I'd rather come here, look at zero punctuation, expect a video, but all I get is a massive cock in my face than to have watched that.(I'm not gay I'd just expect mr. croshaw to do that, with all his phallic jokes every single episode) Then his fanbase could share in a pretty out inside joke and be done for the week.

He should have gone to a Wendies.
I was hoping he'd put some rip on us yanks for being fat...

Maybe if he had walked into a gun store with a small BK combo and purchased an AK.
That would have been funny.

Thank you. Thank you for ruining Washington D.C. forever for me. No seriously...I'm greatful.

I'm surprised they let you film the white house like that. They made us put our cameras away.

What a bunch of twats in this thread. "Waah, Waaah, I'm too shallow and dimwitted to produce my own videos or creative writing, so I'm going to shit all over people that do whenever I get the chance, waaah, waah!"

No, seriously.. to bring this back on topic.

Fuck you... basically.

Welcome to the USA, Yahtzee.

huh, not what i expected, it was okay and all, better than nothing, but its like being told your getting bacon and then they serve you carrots.

It was rather funny that, for whatever reason, the Eff-bomb was censored but the various phallus and sphere references, the masturbation jokes, miscarriage zingers and other various subjects were not.

To cop a joke from Monday night's Daily Show, this is a lot like watching "Mr. Smith goes to ::snooooooore::" Thanks for submitting a video anyway, would have been nice if the time spent gabbing in the car had been spent writing witty thoughtful jokes about the monuments you visit.

And if I must imagine that you are the pitcher, as far as this video's concerned my fantasy is that I knock a fastball right back at the mound and it knocks the hat right off your head. This one's a miss!

I hope he stops by NC, wouldn't mind seeing that dude and giving him a high five =D.

im 12 and what is this?

In all seriousness, what happened to that game contest? Is that review next week?

As you obviously only visit the site for ZP i will explain.

Croshaw is in the states for a week or so because The Escapist is at Game-X. So their biggest "celebrity" is too.

And incase you didn't know, Croshaw also releases a weekly collumn on The Escapist.

Yahtzee, your accent is being corrupted by those BBQ inhaling Aussies. Also, I didn't think this was very funny. Apart from the bit at the end with the cock and balls - That was awesome.

Moderate laugh.

But the cock and balls pull is over-used nowadays. It's still funny to hear someone say it though.

"you know, for a fact, there is at least one person getting off to this"

*drops pants*


Wow...Yahtzee. Very immature and boring. I guess this is what scripts are for. Just keep making game reviews.

its my birthday today and I expected a good ZP like say borderlands but got stuck with this.

LOL!!! This was great "is it rape?" PML. I was waiting for a dick comment XP. And those who are pissed or didnt like this then you shouldnt be jerking of to game reviews you tossers. GO YAHTZEE!!!!!!!

Congratulations on making a huge bunch of American Landmarks seem dirty by insinuating things.

And then being very straightforward on the last one. >.<

Well he said if you were expecting a new ZP "Fuck you," so you could have stopped watching there if you weren't interested.

Wow...this was really damn boring.
The appeal to the imaginary guy jerking off to this video was funny, but besides that it was a poor copy of Borat.

Wow some of that was painfully awkward

It was alright though

Without high-speed cussing, I can hardly understand a word.

My suggestion is to instead do reviews of old games (like from 1980 to 2000) and keep those archived, to be used when you're on vacation. This video lacked the usual humour.

My and my zero punctuation t shirt can't figure out if he's trying to be beavis or butthead.

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