Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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you forgot to go to the smithsonian so you can see dead dinosaurs

Liked the vid. But for some reason, I want to eat cookies and play Portal...

Funny, reminded me somewhat of Robert Llewellyn's Carpool. Also, the Capitol Building looks more like a massive tit, not a cake.

lol i live in dc wish i saw him

Nope, not quite up to speed, this one. No need to do real life tourist videos at regular talk velocity, really.

Well, that was... different.

Assuming Yahtzee wasn't deliberately trying to be bland, what this video illustrates is something everyone who aspires to be an internet sensation should know -- genuinely spontaneous improv is hard. You can't just point a camera at someone, give them the note, "Be funny," and then shout, "Action!" Unless they're Robin Williams, it just doesn't work like that.

Yahtzee: I sincerely hope you got a chance to visit the Smithsonian.

Also: I didn't know Washington D.C. was a console title (as indicated by the icon on the title card).

Is this really Yahtzee in reality. He is pathetic, and I actually liked the guy...

Is this really Yahtzee in reality. He is pathetic, and I actually liked the guy...

Why is he pathetic? Not everyone can make up jokes in half a second.

OT: Quite funny, a bit hard to hear some parts. But oh well, you can't ask for everything... Well, you can, but you shouldn't, it will make you look like a pretentious tw**.

Yahtzee probably did the vid so that there was a vid. Most should know that he's in the U.S. at the moment doing conventions and stuff so not really time to play a game and review it. You should be grateful, not moaning that it's not what you wanted!! At least it's something to feed yopur ZP lust!!

OT: Not as funny but understandable as he is used to being a disembodied voice and is probably not that comfy infront of the camera. But I still enjoyed it for what it was.

I do not like this. It's a big fuck you I know. But I dont like to get fucked by Yahtzee.

Be certain to tune in next week for Yahtzee's experimental foray into recursion as he reviews this week's video, tearing it to shreds.


Be certain to tune in next week for Yahtzee's experimental foray into recursion as he reviews this week's video, tearing it to shreds.


That could be quite funny...

Maybe it's because I've lived 30 minutes outside DC for my entire life, but I've always found it to be kinda boring. Apparently, so does Yahtzee.

Looks like that guy who was harping last week that Yahtzee should take a week off got his wish.

That said, I deeply enjoyed my Yahtzee road trip, but I regret to say that I missed the screen.

Stick to reviewing games, Yahtzee.

I'm on 22nd and H. Let's grab a pint!

Strange. I was expecting more supermutants in DC.

surprized i never heard any anti- america jokes :p but meh, very random jokes 0_O still funny

Yahtzee sounds hungry.
Nice to see he comes up with material for ZP even when he's on the road.

As a wise puppet once said;
"The Washington Memorial, it looks nothing like the guy. It looks more like a tribute to Bill Clinton." -- Achmed the Undead Terrorist

the capital building is big and domey? i had no clue.

BTW its the Washington MONUMENT

Yahtzee sucks in every live event he does because he's clearly too shy to act like his ZP persona, which is what we love. He acts just like he does in ZP in the Australian Gamer Podcast, so I can only assume it's a fear of speaking in public.
We picture him telling people to fuck off and kicking bums in the street and what we get is this quiet, nice English guy trying to do deadpan standup and failing miserably. Huge disappointment.

Well, he wasn't as bad during his live Q&A, but I tend to agree that he's not got alot of live presence. But that's why he does recorded videos rather than live events, he's playing to his skills, and perhaps he felt guilty for not porting anything this week, so amde this little montage instead.

Never been to DC myself, but it's on my list of things to do before I die.

that was definetly odd, i dont think it was as funny as usual but still made me laugh some, and to everyone just spouting hate cuzz its not his usual stuff, he entertains you everyweek for free. if this week after 100+ of his standard style videos he decideds to switch it up some, while he's on vacation no less, then he can damn well do that.

Wait, someone who knows that the concept of "gaming" exists go to DC without going to the Bethesda office? That is SICK!!! Yahtz has lost face, he has.

You know aside from a couple of inane sex jokes (the Washington monument looks phallic? REALLY?!) I actually laughed more at this then I have at the actual reviews in some time. Much better than a note apologizing for the lack of ZP or a clip show, so everyone who feels like bitching can go jump as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, maybe I'm just still in shock that he didn't bash America the whole time, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Woo heading to North Carolina. To bad there is nothing near the coast but farmland.

"Zero Punctuation: Washington DC" sounds like a spin-off series, like with "CSI: Miami" or "NCIS: Las Vegas". I would probably watch that as well!

booring, i he doesn´t talk without punctuation it is not entertaining.

Nice and different. A good change of pace. Good to know that Yahtzee has a back up career if things tits go awkwardly up. Normal service should be resumed next week.

It's a trade-off you see, Yahtzee. We in America are very sexually repressed, so we let that come out in our architecture and IRL/videogame violence. Whereas you blokes down in Aussie town probably aren't afraid of sex like the right wing here, thus you have a lower threshold for violence in your games.

This really reminded me of The Games with John Clarke, which is the finest praise this side of a double-handed blowjob.

It's amazing how much people are complaining about this vid, and personally insulting Yahtzee. Get over it, Jesus christ.

Damn it Yahtzee! why didnt you wait to visit DC in like a week, im going on a feild trip there =P would shit my pants if i saw you there =D I the only one who thinks that he is avoiding to review Uncharted 2 because he actually the game is quite good

Better heard and not seen.

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