The Escapist Presents: Audience Questions for Yahtzee

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Subtitles would be kickass because the stupid music in the back drowned out the audience.

What is this, Jeopardy? Maybe have a mike in the audience? Someone on the staff should watch the Evening with Kevin Smith movies.
Also Yahtzee is 95% less funny without a script.

Well he not a stand-up comedian; he's a game reviewer that prefers to rip apart games facelessly.

And I wish someone asked if he kept anything under his hat.

From now on every person that makes a redundant post about how difficult it was to hear the questions and how annoyed they were about the music playing in the background - is an idiot. All in favor?

Charlie Brooker, I knew it! I fucking knew he was influenced by Charlie Brooker!

Shut up band! If only...
The sound was, as its been said before, poor at best, a good interview anyway.

Don't you question the MEGAS!

Incredible Bullshitting Man:
[quote="The Brocken" post="6.153673.3704674"]It's The Megas. I'm not a fan of the music, but their podcast is awesome.

Wait, you listen to the Podcast of the band, but you don't care for the music? I dig their music, and their podcast, but I couldn't enjoy the podcast of a band unless I enjoyed the music they made.

Check out their music

Check out their music

And a thanks to you too. Most NES cover bands Iīve heard so far have been mostly instrumental, so itīs nice to hear something with lyrics for a chance (Well, this also has lyrics, but thatīs about it).

LOL, didn't expect to hear myself asking a question (the first one on this clip). Yes, the band outside was TOO LOUD! But Yahtzee and Jeff and everyone else from Escapist were great to talk to.

This makes the man feel more humanlike and less of a self-devised fueled-by-fans stereotype.
You see, if he were to talk the way he does in his entertaining show in real life...

That guy behind you? He kept looking you up.

9:00-9:05, No offense but that looks like a prime mind illusion, is that Yahtzee's upper lip and nose or are they his lips?Yahtzee has huge upper lip.

Could have just used a picture of Keanu Reeves for expressionless face (oh snap)

I can't hear the questions.

Funny but questions are somewhat inaudible!

I was also a little upset when he replied to a question,"I couldn't really find anything bad about that game. It was just really short."

Does anyone know what the name of the game he found no flaws with was?

Does anyone know what the name of the game he found no flaws with was?


I goddamn hated that Heavy metal music.

They should've had subtiles for Mr Croshaws answers and for the questions.

Wow, Yahtzee actually comes across as a normal human being in this video... For some reason his review always make an impression that they're made by a raging sociopat...

Thanks for sharing

Nice vid, but as mentioned before the questions are kinda hard to hear, especially with that awful music in the background.


Could someone Sub in some of the questions?

You know... I have a horrible feeling that Yahtzee is actually a pretty easy going guy in every day life.. When he's not tearing someone a new arsehole :P

Great to see him in action live for once. Shame about the background "music" interfering in the audibiliy, as well as the aforementioned impossibility of deducing what on earth the questions actually were.

also..... that hat really is as good as they say :P

Could have just used a picture of Keanu Reeves for expressionless face (oh snap)

heh heh.... Nice... Or just written "Keanu Reeves" on a plank of wood. Essentially the same expression, after all!

Alright, this would have been a tough choice for me ... A Yahtzee-Q&A-Section and a concert of The Megas at the same time? Now that's just cruel!

Anyways, interesting insight on Zero Punctuation, it's always nice to hear Yahtz talk outside his work.

The Megas are going to invade The Escapist. First this then they play the There Will Be Brawl afterparty.

ha ha, he has the same opinion of PS3 controllers as me.

Yahtzee, why don't you try out the multiplayer aspects of games?

I sometimes realize how completely ignorant I am about the singleplayer parts of games when I see one of your reviews and realize I never actually played the singleplayer campaign because I'm too busy enjoying multiplayer instead of playing fish-in-a-barrel with the AI (or in the extreme, getting shot through 7 layers of foliage from a mile away from every enemy on the map at the same time).

For that reason, I believe that some games are better known for their multiplayer parts, and single player missions in them feel as tacked on as multiplayer does in other titles. At the worst, you would have more fodder for your very enjoyable rants, and at best, you might have a bit of fun!

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