Rebecca Mayes Muses: Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Dark Knight sees a bright day in Rebecca's latest tune.

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Brilliant Video again rebecca, keep up the good work!

Well, the make-up certainly was a shock...

Still, great little song as always. Thank you, Becca.

Can I call you Becca?

Edit: Oh, and upon watching the video a second time, I find it wonderfully ironic that it's the Joker singing "love your good heart". Especially the wacked-out Heath Ledger Joker.

Very enjoyable, I have to get me this game!

Awwww, they had a tea party celebration! Of course, the Joker probably poisoned them all. :(

Your music has really started to flow nice and smooth! I loved it!

Wow! Just WOW! That was the first RMM I watched, and it was simply Fantastic! I'm going to have to go right now and start working my way through the back-catalog!


Loved it! The jab at Yahtzee was hilarious.

Another great song Rebecca, well done.

Also you look kind of creepy in the Joker's face paint. (But in a good way)

This would be so much better without the Joker costume.
It's creepy.

Also, love the Yahtzee costume!


Hands-down the cutest joker/penguin ever.

Adorable. The Yahtzee disguise was almost impenetrable. :-P

Excellent, I loved it!

Holy bananas! Best one I've heard so far.
Keep up the good work.

I would prefer a song that reflected the game style a little more then girlie pop/country... It seemed odd when pitched against this particular game.

Normally i'm not into rebecca amyes muses but i really enjoyed this one. I also liked the tea party

Best one yet.

There better be plans for a album or at least a compilation of all these songs

:3 You are amazing. This is amazing. Everything about this is great. :D

Also, One of the beauties of the whole Batman thing is the fact that not having to kill anyone in order to remove them as threats is one of the core elements of Batman's character. To him, death isn't justice, not even for guys like the Joker. All it does, in his mind, is perpetuate a vicious cycle and put too much power in his hands as a vigilante. It does nothing to ease matters.

Arkham Asylum is also the best Batman game concept out there.

You looked kick ass in that joker makeup Rebecca. Good job!

She looked hot dressed as the joker.

Was a little shocked to see Yahtzee making a cameo in this video. I wouldn't have thought he'd be up for it.

Wait, that was makeup, oh!

Anyway, loved the vid and the song as always.

That's what I odd about this game. (or at least the demo. I can't afford it yet.) Most of moves Batman pull should be fatal. Just running through the demo I kicked a guy into the wall that should have snapped his neck. That's not including the breastbone shattering kicks or dropping people from the gargoyles.

Spectacular. best one to date! :)

That was really good :P I'm gonna have to watch it again.

I don't normally like the ones you do. However I really enjoyed this one :)

she looks so adorable <3

Awesome song and video Rebecca! I loved the costumes, you look great as the Joker (in a twisted way) and the jab at Yahtzee was clever as well.

Not as repetitive as the other song's but there is still something about the lyrics that does not interest me. It does not wake up any emotions or thoughts from the game.

If you thought that was cute, wait'll you get a load of these:

I think this was your best video so far Rebecca, and I enjoyed almost every single one of them so far so that means something (and also that I'm the found of your fan club ;)

The best part was your Riddler outfit :)

I now have the desire to see more people dress-up as yahtzee...

Well, that does it, after RMM actually got good for a bit, it is now back down to its old, boring, dull and boring ways.

I think this was your best video so far Rebecca, and I enjoyed almost every single one of them so far so that means something (and also that I'm the found of your fan club ;)

The best part was your Riddler outfit :)

Well, would you look at that, a fellow Belgian visitor on The Escapist.

OT: I loved the moment when they passed the gift bag around, that Batman ends up with the game.

Great video, and cozy song.

I'm going to marry Rebecca Mayes. You have my word.

Getting better every week.

BTW, you can riddle me any time :P

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