Rebecca Mayes Muses: Batman: Arkham Asylum

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I love how they are all sitting in the lotus position, Cuz I thought I was the only one who sat like that.

Great song as always. This is now my favorite feature of The Escapist.

I loved your costumes, too.


I salute this song, for it was brilliant.

I thuroughly enjoyed that

Sweet song.
And a pacifist gamer? Now I can stand behind that!
(Probably shoulda twigged by now)

Did you make the cowl and cape out of a garbage bag? XD That's hilarious. I think this might be the funniest video so far. It's no wonder Batman never kills anyone; DC villains are all so friendly. They don't want to destroy the world or enslave humanity - they just want to star in a video game.

This is your best song yet; however, the costuming could have used a little work. Your Joker, Yahtzee, and Penguin were fine, but The Riddler seemed to be a little too revealing (it just doesn't seem to mesh with the character all that well to have him be barefoot) and I noticed that Batman was falling apart towards the end. Overall, however, this is probably my favorite of your songs.

Nice song, I enjoyed it (as usual) it isn't one of my favorites but it was worth two weeks waiting. Looking forward to the next one.

Edit: The Yatzhee part was nice. I did not see it coming and now that Yatzhhe was (sort of) on Rebecca Mayes muse, I officially state the episode must be declared as excellent :-)

loved the music circle with all the batman villains!

probably my favourite song so far :D

I know if you scan people after you "knock them unconscious" it says their still alive, but you can plant explosives that blow up and throw a bad guy off a walkway for like a three story fall. If that guy is really just unconscious, he's an unkillable beast of a henchman and should get his own spinoff series. Just sayin' you dont have to kill anyone... but you do.

Beautiful tune, with some fantastic costumes.
Keep up the great work :)

That one was really enjoyable. I was at ends when I heard the same old tune, but the visuals totally made the song ^.^!

Wow, that was pretty awesome. Keep up the good music and videos!

Your songs are so lovely, yet so sad and eerie a good way

Haha that was such a cute song ^^

Extra points for the Riddler playing the banjo!


Also, One of the beauties of the whole Batman thing is the fact that not having to kill anyone in order to remove them as threats is one of the core elements of Batman's character. To him, death isn't justice, not even for guys like the Joker. All it does, in his mind, is perpetuate a vicious cycle and put too much power in his hands as a vigilante. It does nothing to ease matters.

Trigun already did it, the whole not-killing for sake of a higher justice thing

Excellent work ^_^ Nice one, my favourite I think! Also seeing that Morissons bag tickled me for some reason haha

True, but Batman had that going since the 1940s. Either way, I think it was handled well in both cases.

To whoever owns that house, it's beautiful and far from what I can afford.

holy rooster, ive been watching this every week hoping for me to finally find one episode for me to like, because honestly i can sense theres something inside that beautiful head for me to praise, and this is it, it simple and wonderful.


Great song again :-) Definitely my favorite Escapist content producer :)

Haha, how cute! The Yahtzee costume was spot on :D

Wow, that was pleasing to the eyes and ears.

The Youth Counselor:
To whoever owns that house, it's beautiful and far from what I can afford.

Glad I am not the only one thinking that.

Awww what a nice costume tea party =]

Very nice song and video.

this is one of my favorites. the notes were a little strange, unresolved...which perfectly matched the mood.

nice Joker outfit, btw.

a girl that plays guitar and is attractive. a rare Combination. Cool video.

This was hilarious. I think this was the first one of these I actually enjoyed.

Game just arrived via Gamefly and you just happen to sing it's non-lethal praises with a sweet melody. Loved the song.

I'm not sure which is more adoreable, the Penguin playing the drum or the Riddler playing the banjo. Great work Ms. Mayes, keep being awesome.

Cutest Riddler ever hands down

I just watch these vids out of a morbid curiosity.
I thought the cosplay was entertaining this time. Didn't like the song at all.

D'aww, that was so sweet. Great song as well, and I quite liked the costumes. The Batman outfit could have used a bit more work, though... Was it made from trashbags?

good song

Can you please write more lyrics? Write a review and then sing a full song out of the review. I didn't quite like those songs, but they were ok. But there has to be change in the lyrics.

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