Unskippable: Final Fantasy XII

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Final Fantasy XII

Graham and Paul have an adventure in the land of riding chickens and bunny people.

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This is one of their better efforts in a while.

Really good episode this time^_^.
"It looked fancy" cracked me up.

Flying chickens ftw!

loved the tune around 5:25.

One of the better one I've seen. Probably FF is really easy to make fun of.

this was much better than last week.

oh god that was hilarious, i almost fell out of my chair at the acid joke.

"thats kinda racists dont you?"

Couldn't keep a straight face eh with the "Acid" bit :P haha

It makes me happy every time Russel appears in one of these. :D

Oh, I get it now! Russell Crow!
Hah. Hahah. Dang, I'm such a sad case...

Sorry guys...but there is no commentary out there on FF12 that can be funnier than this...



The banhammer is going down on you.

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

OT: I never get tired of Unskippable, they should do commentary for full games.

Awwwww, Russel brought the whole family this time.
Though where was the main character with outrageously spiky hair? Say which one of them was the main character anyway?

Cool! We got to see Russel's family this time and it's about time you guys mocked a FF game.

"Nice Dissolve"

Is there no Spaceballs reference too sacred?

LOL at Paul using the chocobo theme song

I said the same thing "he hit in the only unarmored spot on his neck"

It great to see Russel entire family

I love the bunny girls as well

I wonder if Paul and graham has played final fantasty XII. I love this game its one of my favorites of all time.

noob here,

what video did russel the crow first pop up in?

i caught this, too human, and prototype.

"You wanted to ride the flightless bird becausee "it looked fancy"" why that's rich senator. Now i suggest in celebration of AC2 coming they could do a special of the cutscene's from the first one kinda like they did with Metal Gear Solid but that's just me

and also props to Russel now where's the goat

This has got to be one of the best episodes yet :D


"this is very important, can you see the chicken I'm riding on too? I dropped acid earlier and I don't know whats going on."
You are not alone.

And yet I've never played a game where I am a crow.

Good thing she bought a reversible veil...

That was awesome!

Is it just me, or is the wedding parade kinda like the victory parade at the end of Star Wars Episdoe 1?

Nice video aswell :P heh, the one unarmoured part of his neck... really should have thought ahead.

Does anyone else know what's going on? All I caught was pretty city, wedding, conflict, epic battle, Chocobo theme, funeral, title... Bwuh?
Oh well, at least it wasn't exposited by children.

I thought this was XIII... and I thought, "This is exactly the same as XII!" Then I realised xP

Is it just me, or is the wedding parade kinda like the victory parade at the end of Star Wars Episdoe 1?

Nice video aswell :P heh, the one unarmoured part of his neck... really should have thought ahead.

when I saw the cut scene when iw as first playing this game I knew he was going to die

that women he married was Ashe(a main character) and later on in that fight you play as Reks who is the older brother of Vaan. We also saw Basch in that cut scene.

That guy with the stupid neck collar's hair was nowhere near as spiky and he looked nowhere near as androgyenous enough to be the main focus of a Final Fantasy intro cutscene.

It's been coming for a while, I was just wondering which FF you guys were going to do.


I <3 bunny girls :D


And yes, FFXII ripped Star Wars so bloody lot. Biggs and Wedge just weren't enough anymore...

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