Review: Tekken 6

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i have a confession to make it seems, i must admit that i always rather liked the story in tekken, albeit it's silly moments. i think it is more nostalgia then anything since i practically grew up on the tekken series, tekken 2 was one of the first games i got for the ps, for me the story seems uniquely deep compared to other fighters were story seemed to be something scribbled done in under two minutes, with little creativity. granted the level of writing of tekken seems to mirror something on the level of a bad soap opera with gothy aesthetics, it still has its charm.

i wish they would stop including these poorly executed beat em up mini games, they have never been much fun, bring back the bowling or the beach ball mini games or something else like tekken soccer.

and about the review, it doesn't seems as if the review ever played a tekken game before for more than ten minutes, weird and somewhat over the top characters are practically a staple of the series just as much as the impressive cut scenes and graphics. have ogre, gon and devil been forgotten so soon?
he is right on one thing though, if previous tekken games have not managed to charm you, then this one certainly won't either.

One question, can you play as the dragon ?
cause you if you can I'm buying this game right away!

Wasn't there a boxing kangaroo in streets of rage as well? Hmmmm....

Before anyone responds this is obviously INCREDIBLY biased since i am an avid Tekken fan.

Dragons name is Azazel.
No you can't play as Azazel.

(if anyone cares the notation is as follows. Up=U, Down=D, Back=B, Forward=F and combinations of that for up forward UF, Left punch=1, Right punch =2, Left kick =3, Right kick=4, im sure the rest can easily be worked out)

Whoever was talking about the game being slow and sluggish, the game runs at 60fps and there are moves which connect in under 12 frames of being pressed. To counter these attacks you have to press a combination of buttons according to the attack used by your opponent, in under 10 frames you have to see, think and respond in time with the attack connecting.

Tekken takes incredible reflexes and anticipation skills to succeed in higher level play. e.g. simply to counter a throw you have to read whether the enemy is extending their left, right of both of their arms in the amount of frames you get before the throw is executed and press either 1, 2 or 1+2 depending on which it is.

Due to playing on my friends xbox which is banned from xbox live i have had to restart scenario mode after i had fully completed it, it can get a bit boring but you can power through most of it very easily with just a basic move set e.g. with lars, the starting character all you have to do is combinations of B+1+2, UF+4, B+3+4, DF+3 and that is enough to be able to finish the game in 1 sitting. The only replay value is Achievements/Trophies if you are into that sort of thing or getting clothing items much faster than normal play.

Of course, me not having a playstation 3 and therefore being unable to get tekken 5 DR the on-line play is a huge improvement which i absolutely love there are a lot of other things and i could go on and on but i don't want this post to turn into a very poorly structured review in the comments of a review so im gunna leave it here.

PS: Lars, King, Kazuya, Jack-6, and Lili are the best ^_^

Makes me want to play Tekken 3.

I thought the Tekken games were pretty fun. I might just rent it to see if it's worth me dropping $60 on it though.


Whoever was talking about the game being slow and sluggish, the game runs at 60fps and there are moves which connect in under 12 frames of being pressed.

Not commenting on anything else here, but...

That's amazingly slow compared to Street Fighter 4 (which is what Tekken was compared against) where your average throw is a fourth of that, an average jab is three frames and Akuma has a throw that has a startup of 1 frame (Gief's spinning piledriver is 2). Not to mention if you do a move and it's around 12 frames on block, that means that almost any move your opponent does connects.

This means a slightly less reactionary game and more a game that involves reading the opponent since you basically have to guess what the opponent does beforehand due to the moves being so fast but hey, whether that's a bad or a good thing is up to the player.

3 was definitely the best version. everything was so perfectly balanced, best fighting game ever =)

That is not a Dragon! Thats a &%+#ing Tyranoid! I don't blame Airbud for that, I blame warhammer!

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