Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

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This world needs more obscure, far-fetched games. Cliffy B's game was about steroid buffed men fighting subterranean monsters with assault rifles that had chainsaws on them (and don't forget laser satellite cannons). My game idea is about a lonely guttersnipe who finds it in himself and his genes to become a defender of humanity. And this idea is about an adventure game played with a plastic guitar (very well presented, in my opinion). Original games ideas aren't dead yet.

I'd actually wondered what it'd be like if Brutal Legend let you use a Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller for the guitar solos. I always figured it would be a pretty awesome prospect, if a bit cumbersome to switch between the normal and guitar controllers. I'd certainly think that a game like this would be very interesting. Here's hoping someone else tries to make a game from this.

If not, I'll probably give it a shot at some point, if the opportunity ever arises.

I think this is a decent idea. I have to wonder how soon my local store will be taking pre-orders.

Seriously? Not to be a Troll but you're all a bunch of Yahtzee fanboys/girls to the point of not actually analyzing if you're going to have fun with the game.

I mean the game he described has potential but the controls will obviously have flaws simply because of the premise: Make an action game where the guitar controller is your only input.

I applaud Yahtzee for an interesting battle scheme idea but it it seems to have some minor lingering stench of quick time events disguised in the form of guitar playing.

The controlling of your 'car' also sounds like it would get tiring very very quickly. I'm also not sure of the strum bar is an analog control, so you'd have no control over speed. If that is the case I'd suggest actually putting the throttle on the whamy bar and let the strummer be nitro or weapons or something, I dunno. That sounds like it would tire my hands a little. Not sure.

There is talk of experience but what kind of RPG elements could be brought to a game where your primary abilities lie in a dexterity/rhythm mini-game? I suppose upgrades to your car and guitar.

I think ultimately the controls would be novel to start, and then fall flat if the game lasted for any significant length of time. Otherwise known as almost every Wii title out there.

Don't get me wrong. I'd love to try this game. But I don't believe it'll be a good game. Maybe with a bit of polish (and a healthy does of Tim Schafer's story abilities) it could stand somewhere between Brutal Legend and Psychonauts, if we forgive the controller limitation. I can easily imagine an alternate Yahtzee (it'd have to be cause our current Yahtzee would be too biased to his own idea) who didn't have this idea would likely rip the finished game to shreds while mentioning that it was a nice try at re-using the guitar controller and he saw through the attempts to hide quick time events as a rhythm game!

After reading this all I can picture is one lone guitarist standing atop a Castle keeping waves of slavering monsters at bay with ridiculous solos. Even without all the other elements, a Tower Defense/Rythm game would be totally awesome.

If there was ever a game half as cool as what was described I would have to go get it.

Sounds like a great idea. It's good to see unique gameplay and not just unique stories or settings.

Yahtzee, I really do like you. And by "you" I mean the stuff you do. As Yahtzee.

Please, don't try to be Maddox too much, which I have a strony impression of you trying to do more and more with each Extra Punctuation. It just doesn't suit you, you're good when you're being witty by noticing stuff in games few other people would notice. Not so much when you're trying to be witty by stressing how awesome you are.

Just my two cents. Long time watcher, first time poster.

I thought this was utter satire, but if this many people are into it, maybe I'm missing something. Probably not, but I figure I can afford to believe this might not just be some sort of collective experiment to prank me.

Then again, it seems to be just the kind of hodepodge Yahtzee seems to take a stand against, so I'm leaning towards "pisstake."

oh yahtzee i already worship you.

*continues with creepy chanting*

Worth every sylable.

What - nobody mentioned Lute Hero yet?

That was a funny read. However I find myself wishing it existed.

Yahtzee, I command thee to make this. Then we'll see. We'll probably need a guest reviewer for 'Zero Punctuation', because you yourself aren't going to be picky about this 'visionary work of genius', I reckon.


In my opinion its good in theory, but when I try to picture myself playing, it just seems boring.
A+ for effort but it just seems like an excuse to use the guitar peripheral in something besides a music game.
back to the drawing board.

I totally agree!
Finally, something that big hunk o' junk can be used for without the strainious repetition from all the other games.
How about using the whammy bar to do unbelievable, death defying stunt everytime you drive off a ramp in your van.
Also, during the combat phase and an enemy gets on top of you, you can use the tilt function to smack him in the face with the head of the guitar, afterwards playing a random, three string chord to do extra damage and make him fly back.
Making the boss battle co-op would also rock! (pun totally intended)
The other guitarist could deflect the boss's attacks, the singer could stun him by singing off-key, and the drummer would be making noise in the background.

Anyone else finding this Yahtzee guy to be getting old? I mean, is he even funny anymore?

Age is directly opposed to humor? No wonder old people aren't funny.

On topic: I can't help but question why you can't use two controllers, both the regular one and the guitar. Switch between them depending on the scenario and play on.

how dous the van get driven when your struming to the music?

You could have a guitar-gun like the one in Once upon a time in Mexico, that was an awesome film.

I prefer Gitaroo Man to any Guitar Hero game

wow, that sounds awful, like really, really awful, i cant imagine the controls working in anyway, and even the concept sounds bad, quicktime events and grinding (granted grinding guitar solos is better than one click combat but still).

an amusing read, but i honestly thought there would be some better ideas inside that beautiful head of yours.

You should use the motion sensor (at least the Wii guitar should have one) to let people go Knorkator with the guitar and smash things directly as an emergency measure (e.g. a full circle swing to knock all nearby enemies back but it wears your guitar down and if you use it too much the guitar breaks).

This is the first thing I thought of.

But - that's pretty good. And... kind of... flawed, too. Don't get me wrong, it'd sell like hot cakes.
Something about it, though. Probably the novelty.

It sounds awesome.

Luckily I am a billionair and a programmer that would totally invest in that game. Also I know an artist and all the best voice-actors ever.

Alright that was a lie. But I would if I could

wow, that sounds awful, like really, really awful, i cant imagine the controls working in anyway, and even the concept sounds bad, quicktime events and grinding (granted grinding guitar solos is better than one click combat but still).

an amusing read, but i honestly thought there would be some better ideas inside that beautiful head of yours.

I forgot about the silly car mission parts. :P
Yeah, it'd be bad.

It'd still sell like hot cakes.

Reminds me of the idea for a music RPG this guy had (page 58). On some level, at least.


Go work for Harmonix and or Activision Yahtzee and
I take that drumming joke with great offense


That would actually make a good game, provided the developers know what the hell they're doing. It's what Brutal Legend should've been, really...

Well, if they want to make the game good, they should bring Yahtzee in as a lead director or consultant something in that general area of authority (and actually listen to him). Then it would almost be guaranteed to be good.

uhmmm.. yeah.. worst.. idea.. ever. Guitar controller wouldn't work well for anything except pretending play music... anything else would control horribly and wonky.. not to mention camera control, unless someone is prepared to programme camera scripts for every possible character position in every single location in the game... taking away camera control would take away the sandbox feel... this is just yahtzee being pissed off that brutal legend was a bit crap

Hoooorah! Shit! That actually sounds like a Rock Band game I could see myself playing! I hope against hope something of the sort is created.

But sort of like this:

But his game idea probably has more entertaining music.

Thats too much imagination for them Yahtzee, they will never do it.

Sounds awesome though, I would get it if it's as perfect as you described it. I'm not really interested in the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games but this may get me into the plastic guitar toys.

haha oh I'm a proud American but to be honest the Washington DC video was just funny
and no real offensive bashing or anything really
more or less filled with comments my siblings and I may have said on a family trip to DC (other than "zzz")

Hmm. I think I'll have to be the downer for this game idea. First, an article from The Escapist.

Now, admittedly, it'd probably not be a stretch to see Yahtzee be able to convince some people to help him make this game, but still.

Also, I genuinely liked it. It was a nice game idea. But, I think it had a little too much going on. It doesn't have enough focus to please any certain crowd. The rabid party-going Guitar Hero fenatics would find it too much like a real video game to enjoy it, and the mainstream gaming crowd, I think, would be quite pestered by the inability to move during combat but the ability to move while driving the van. Also, the combat would be like playing some strage off-shoot of Tetris in 5 different planes. Enemies slowly lumber toward you while you try to clear them. You may be killing them instead of making lines with them, but it's still quite similar.

But, okay. Yes, it's a good idea, and I would probably get the game if it was on a big budget.

Is this gonna end up as "Mankind has yet to appreciate my genius 2" or something? because as with the original, its an awesome idea that would likely kick the ass of most video games but with very little chance of happening because unfortunately i dont think Yahtzee wants to go through all the effort to go get either made...

Dear Yahtzee,

I 'believe' that I have seen all of your reviews, and although you may never read this, I put 'believe' in the quotes because the way you say things in them makes me laugh quite hard. I do enjoy your idea of a rock opera game; the idea that we should make more use out of peripherals that have costed quite a bit of money is very true. I always wonder, why do you hate drummers? They are the butt of every joke in music based games and I must admit I am not sure why. Care to Elaborate in some form?

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