Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

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sounds amazingly good

Well Yahtzee, is that a dream game of yours or what?

Anyway, that sounds like a chaotic, albeit interesting idea. Now if only some developer could find a way to harness that chaos, maybe we can find some other use for our overpriced plastic instruments.

Its never going to happen. We all know that Harmonix and Activison are going sit on Rock Band and Guitar Hero for years until they pumped out a version for every musician on the Earth. Its a f*8king cash cow that will go on forever.

That... Was beautiful man. It would actually make me consider getting the plastic.

Sounds awesome. Maybe Brutal Legend 2?

I prefer Gitaroo Man to any Guitar Hero game

Me too my too

That sounds like possibly the most awesome game/idea/thing ever. I wopuld actually play that, and enjoy it.

You should use the motion sensor (at least the Wii guitar should have one) to let people go Knorkator with the guitar and smash things directly as an emergency measure (e.g. a full circle swing to knock all nearby enemies back but it wears your guitar down and if you use it too much the guitar breaks).

Yahtzee does not promote the Wii in any shape or form. Thus I predict ruin for your Yahtzee inspired Wii game.

But I can picture him hyping up this big wii game only to tell people weeks before it's release than he was kidding and would never release a game for the wii.

That aside I thought he wanted a metal opera style guitar hero and figured this post would make him my messiah.

I just looked this up and found the 360 Guitar Hero 2 controller is plug and play compatible with Windows XP and Vista. You could reconfigure an existing game to be played with the "joystick" so long as your brain can make sense of the new button configuration.

It seems reminiscent of killer7.

That's a terrible idea Yahtzee, but I suppose it goes with the equally as bad video.
Oh and btw, Americans have the "shitting all over a proud nation" monopolized. Also, PLEASE wear something other than BLACK, it doesn't make you look cool.

Big Bill Hell:
It seems reminiscent of killer7.

Actually, it distantly reminds me of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS.

Mr. Croshaw,

I don't think there is a single person who didn't except you to shit on America when they saw where your little video excursion was taking place. But we Americans are quite used to having uppity Europeans speak poorly of us, and I do believe an equal number of people cared about your disrespect as the number who were caught off-guard by it. (Read: none)

As far as your idea is concerned. I do give it a light dusting of merit for having some originality, albeit heavily doused with schizophrenic gameplay. Although the story elements seem quite well lifted from Brootal Legend(The umlaut lifts the, oh wait...) which is by your own admission. But when I use the word schizophrenic, I mean it to the effect of it sounds like your expecting the player to do incredible number of things simultaneously with a controller that was really only meant to do one of those things, which is superficially mimic the functions of a guitar.

Admittedly a gamer of my skill, and I do not mean to state that I am playing at the highest level, is rather used to multitasking on the fly. But I'm not sure I could get my fingers around these functions all at once. And there's also that lingering problem of trying to listen to music through the function of plunks every time you make a mistake that's seemingly going to be an endless fixture in this genre until it finds it's way to the graveyard of the world's landfills like every other fad seems to. I'll give you bonus points if you do away with that god-awful annoyance.

However, it's really just a combination of two styles of gameplay. Sandbox, which is wearing out it's welcome. And rhythm games, which wore out their welcome faster than Rosie O' Donnell at a Christmas party for "The View". I can't really say it sounds like something I would play, but who is to say I wouldn't. But it has inspired me to at least draw out ideas for my own game about a involuntarily gender-swapping were-dragon thing, who pines for an amnesic vampire-mage princess while defending her from the 100 year-old cyborg dictator whose face was torn off by aforementioned were-dragon thing and featuring a comic relief character based on Biff Tannen, voiced by Thomas F. Wilson, himself. All it really needs is some kind of crazy new combat interface, with lots of random chance mechanics and five interacting morality sliders based on arbitrary events!

Holy crap, this could be a great Christmas release! I need to get Peter Molyneux on the phone.

Wow, that sounds amazing. I would totally rent that!

Instead of two buttons to move back and forth, just have three fretboards streaming down in time with the background music. One primary one, two on either side, faded into the background. Use the D-pad, whammy bar and/or mercury switch to flick between them, or just start playing from them instead of your main board, after a few notes, you jump around the boss to continue unleashing the metals. Also, the game needs to totally be metal themed.

Wow. I see why you hate fans now Mr. Croshaw.
You type down a totally bonkers game idea, trying to be funny, and all these fanboys lap it up and wish it existed. You are a funny man, and this "idea" was funny, but it would never work. It would be so clunky to play, and the combat sounds stupid and boring. Yet, all of these people would sell their kidney to get it! Hah!

As for the video... I loved it! You are funny when you can use artistic pauses as well. Which means you master both the art of talking really fast and talking really slow :D

That sounds like a fucking awesome idea, I would totally buy that, it would be the first time that I would actually enjoy playing fake plastic instruments and not feel like a poser.

And seriously? People took offense to your jokes in the previous video? Theye seriously need to lighten up or get their finger shoved up their ass or something, geez.

Oh and btw, Americans have the "shitting all over a proud nation" monopolized. Also, PLEASE wear something other than BLACK, it doesn't make you look cool.

I totally disagree, makes him look like a cool member of a van. We musicians tend to go for black as often as we can lol.

My dear man,

You may not realize the full brilliance of your concept. (The vast majority of the brilliance is realized, no doubt, but allow me to elucidate.)

I loathe guitar hero/rock band. I think them to be perversions of a truly beautiful art. Their gameplay is, fundamentally, pushing buttons when a flashy light tells you to. I am yet to seen a better example of operant condition since the skinner box. At least the rats freed themselves for food, we are doing this for... game grades? Points?

HOWEVER, despite my distaste of that game structure, I think your idea to be a stroke of genius. It ceases to be a whimsical fantasy, attempting to emulate people who have more money than God, and it becomes a game, with a controller, and a *gasp* plot.

In any case, delighted.


I'd buy it

I would probably play that.

Dude, we have enough QTE games out there, we definitely don't need one using GH controllers, especially with the lame-assed soundtrack that would come with it.

Fucking brilliant. I'd buy it.

Well, I guess I might as chime in and say "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

Only question is why does the protagonist have to be sucked into a Brutal Legend (Damn it, I can't even say it to myself without pronouncing the umlaut, now. Thanks.) type world. A lot of Rock Operas just are. Under your idea, he could just be a traveling minstrel in a mish mashed land of rock and medieval peasantry. Sort of like a Men Without Hats video, except - hopefully - without the scary jester midget. [shiver]

Come to think of it, why just stop with the guitar? After all, we know, Yahtzee, how much a fan of the side by side combat RPGs you are. You could make it a whole rock band style thing; and each member has his own battle strategies to deploy. After all, if we're gonna throw together sandbox, rhythm, and combat; might as well get some old style Final Fantasy in there, too. Just... let's stay away from the androgynous sexual ambiguity, okay? Hyper Crayola emo styled big floppy haired kids have no place in a proper rock opera.

Anyway, I've stayed away from the rhythm games, but this one would have to be - at least - rented.

I had this idea as well, he stole it :( .

I would buy that. Seriously.

That's a pretty dumb idea, not to mention a boring one

and as an added gameplay feature, use the slider bar to stroke your lover's skin via a sex minigame and lift the guitar overdrive style for thrus.....okay nevermind, game will never get made anyway but nice idea

I have never been inclined to buy Guitar Hero, but I'd buy this.

Sounds genius!

The combat seems strikingly similar to quick time events though -- but done well.

i actually thought Brutal legend was gonna be something like that, (what with it being a mix of Tim Schaffer and Jack Black) but i was disapointed when I read a preview and discovered it wasn't...

EDIT: never bought Brutal Legend and I probably wouldnt buy this if it existed

It is a good concept and could be really good, but I thought the same about WET and that turned out to be a buggy tard-goblin. Funny read.

I read it the first time and caught the "circle of 6" part. This sounds like an RTS itself- in that this RTS is Risk (pre-determined locations that you take over and such) It is a good idea for the controller, but I would feel like I am playing "Simon" or a Wii game.

This is actually what I thought Brütal Legend was before I played the demo

It sounds original enough, but I get that Broooeetal Legend, too much. It may be nothing like Brutal Legend, but it'll be hailed as Brutal Legend, but with a guitar :-/.

Apart from that, I can see Izzy Sparks, off of Guitar Hero, doing an aerial flip, landing on the balls of his feet and pumping his pelvis in the classic rolling fashion as he gets mobbed by angry peasants who want to chip off his nob and mount it on their mantels, each in seperate turn depending on weekdays and labor times.

And the bass player... uh...

There was a webcomic in which people played a hyper-advanced version of Guitar Hero Rock Band to bring hope to starving peasants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You could lose so hard you died. I stopped reading it and forgot its name.

I think you're crazy Yahtzee; on the other hand, as long as Jack Black wasn't involved in any way, way shape or form, I might be interested.

fund it!

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