Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

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Let it be known that I would buy this game if it were to come out. You have 1 pre-order ready and waiting.

i thought of something like this game, but more blues brothers style....

I'd play that game. Its more original than most RPGs that come out these days.

Meh, not your best article. Not very original (I've read way too many 'check out this awesome but way too crazy game of mine-idea'-articles), and it's kind of void of humor and, well, something interesting. This is tl;dr-forummaterial, not something for the Escapist's frontpage.

I didn't read all of the comments, but I had a similar idea that would be way easier to execute, basically you combine Guitar Hero with Gitaroo Man, so instead of using a PS2 controller, you use the guitar

This is what I thought Brutal Legend was supposed to be in the beginning, but as an RTS somehow. I think that would have made it a much more lasting game in my opinion, but alas, alack. I mean, you can even see elements of it in their when you have to play the songs Legend of Zelda style. How much more awesome would that have been if you were using the guitar to wage a war? I mean they could have incorporated the tilt mechanic to make the plastic axe a real one in game. Oh well...maybe the Shmup I heard about for Xbox Live will eventually come out and make people realize that these are still controllers. Until then, I'll use it to play Rock Band, navigate the Xbox Dashboard, and (if it ever comes back) play that 1 vs. 100 game.



Yahtzee Croshaw:
Extra Punctuation: Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

Yahtzee Croshaw re-invents the rock opera, Guitar Hero style.

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Now thats a new thinking game that if made well.. would be awsome...
id play it in a heartbeat.

AWESOME!!!! I want this game!!!

that sounds shit

This is quite possibly the greatest idea for a game I've ever heard. Certainly the best I've heard in a very long time.

Excellent column as usual.

Who do I make the cheque out to? I would seriously buy this.

Cool idea. I hope the game companies don't get shy and steal it right away!

I think the idea probably needs some refinement, but holy crap would I play that game!

Someone please make this game.

Yeah... that sounds like a pretty good idea...


Towards the very end of your post you mentioned bosses consisting of a sort of timed button pressing dance/song playing event! That idea instantly reminded me of this old playstation game called Brave Fencer Musashi when you fought Topo the mouse girl in a dance off. I'm absolutely certain that that is exactly what you were trying to explain to us readers! You should totally check out her boss fight on YouTube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah... that sounds like a pretty good idea...


That was your first post? lol. Better than mine I guess.

sounds allright i would buy it.

Alot of this just sounds like the sort of "high concept" pitch that would get wittled down in playtesting and development for being repedative, not fun, tedious, too difficult, or too confusing. the "ring of monsters" aspect is probably the most enjoyable sounding mechanic of this design doc, although the ability to fly somewhere else probably wouldn't integrate itself well. it's too detached and just seems like an easy-out that could well be exploited.

It's a start but like any game design doc the final product would have to greatly differ from the original idea. (And even then a game that relies so heavily on the visual flair would just end up on the shitty pile.)

I'd been trying to come up with something like this for a long time. It would be a standard, 4-member-party RPG, where the singer is the wizard, the guitarist is the sword guy, the drummer is the... something or other, and so is the bassist. So, good idea, Yahtzee, is what I'm trying to say.

Wow, I had the same concept idea when I found out about brutal legend.

Cept the hero was a guitarist who believed he was the new Jimi Hendrix and was struck down for his arrogance and brought to rock heaven where he would battle his way to prove his stuff.

In the end he would die and be sent to Emo Hell to become their king, bring them Rock n Roll, and wage war against the Rock Titans in the sequel.

But agree with the guitar controller is a nice dust collector. I'm getting tired of the classic Guitar Hero set up.

Is it just me, or does that sound remarkably similar to how God of War went?

What can I say besides "I'd buy it!"

Truly, sir,
You are a pillar of brilliance we should be carving images of into everything in sight.

Get to Double Fine, get job working for / with Tim Schafer. Between your genius and his, you'd obliterate every other game developer, ever. :D

I like the idea of mixing Guitar Hero with more standard gameplay. I really think (and this is most of the reason why Brutal Legend turned me off from the start) that a fantasy world would be a bit tacky, but I'd love to play something kind of like this where you start out in London in the swinging sixties as some kid with a new guitar, and then rise to prominence in a tale spanning multiple time periods and locations. That would be bad ass.

I would also buy that. It sounds pretty fantastic.

Brilliant idea-- Although the last sentence pissed me off <_<

that sounds like one hell of a great game idea, yahtzee

Haha, so basically brutal legend with a guitar controller? I think its funny how you dont like quick time events when, if you think about it, all the guitar hero games basically are quicktime events. alot of quickies.

I approve this game 100%. If it was made I would buy it no doubt

this is what I thought BL was going to be when I first heard about it.
Other than driving with the guitar I think it sounds pretty fun. Killing things with the power of rock.

I would have said the drummer can bang their head/hands on the inside of the van, but I suppose it's rude to interrupt the maestro when he's working...

Why, Yahtzee, you alienating yet charismatic man-child, that's brilliant. If this game doesn't get made, the people behind Rock Band and Guitar Hero will recieve sternly worded emails.

Yea, sounds good.

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