Zero Punctuation: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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It almost felt like a half-assed review. It doesn't matter what game it was, it just felt lackluster. No oomph, ya know?

people who think that transformers 2 was the best game ever would like this game because it's just like it: all flash and no (deep) substance.

And people who think that a game like Uncharted 2 (or any game for that sake) can be compared to Transformers 2 need to get their heads examined.

It's pre-teen 360 fanboys like these that constantly need to justify their purchase that make me feel much better in owning a PC and PS3.

Well said.

Don't take this review too seriously, it is an absolutely outstanding game. At least rent or borrow it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

If you own a PS3 that is. If you don't there isn't much point mentioning that 'you're not going to buy it now'. You know who you are.

I love this game it looks amazing and its a lot of fun

the online modes are great and team death match stuff etc.. is also very balance

Uncharted 2 is one of the main reasons to buy a ps3

no one asked you

any way awesome as always
+don't argue with god.
his word is final, and he says this game isn't good

"For the record, enemies laughing at you after you die has NEVER positively enhanced the gaming experience."

I beg to differ!
I loved Joker's laughing at your sorry arse after you die in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Great review, by the way.

I'm amazed at the amount of people saying they won't buy this game based on this review. If you based all your gaming purchases on his reviews, you'd end up playing one game a year.

Sounds like another C class game they are trying to fake as an A class one.... oh well worth a try at least...if ever comes to the PC that is.... :P

"Enemies laughing at you when you die has never served to enhance the gameplay experience."

Ganon would like a word with you. It worked just fine in 1989.

I had a feeling that its cover system was a little off, not too many games can make it good, certainly not R6 Vegas or..........well, you know what I mean...............

i think RB6V was the only game to actually do the cover system well. Personal tastes i suppose.

OT: Good video, Top class as ever.

Spot on about the creepy alien-like eyes everyone has... wtf is up with that.

I've only played the demo and I don't recall the auto-sticking but maybe it's not present in multiplayer?
Speaking of which, surprised he didn't comment on the multiplayer since it's what seems to fuel half of the masturbatory reivews of this game out there.
Good to see someone finally taking the piss out of it, but I'll still check it out since it's a good looking ps3 exclusive.

great review, and to all the defenders on uncharted: it's unoriginal because it's basic gameplay is directly ripped from every successful game in the past few years. does it make it bad? no, it just means that it's something you haven't seen before and if you are like most people who don't have money pouring out of their ass to buy every game in existence, then it's ok to skip this one and look for a more interesting game worth your time and money

SO this isn't worth our money? Just because, its unoriginal doesn't not make it a great game.

Ouch, that was harsh

Some people need to understand that when Yahtzee says "Its by no means a bad game" very quickly towards the end of the review, it means its actually good, and he liked it. Even I agreed with the other points though, but they are minor...and funny.


great review, and to all the defenders on uncharted: it's unoriginal because it's basic gameplay is directly ripped from every successful game in the past few years. does it make it bad? no, it just means that it's something you haven't seen before and if you are like most people who don't have money pouring out of their ass to buy every game in existence, then it's ok to skip this one and look for a more interesting game worth your time and money

SO this isn't worth our money? Just because, its unoriginal doesn't not make it a great game.

Saying it's not worth paying $60. But that's because I wasn't into the multiplayer, I just thought it was too clunky and awkward and weapon choice wasn't too exciting. The acrobatics were cool, but the maps seemed to limit that. If you want single player, like MW2, just rent it, it's fun. But it's not Game of the Year material nor the second coming. It's entertaining to a degree, but it lacks something (replay factor perhaps)


Uhm... waiting for something to come around that matters... and then comes Dragon Age? Come on Yathzee... where did your taste go. That's not something to wait for... that's something to pummel and tear :P

Just play it on easy and you can forget the travesty that is smacking your head on the pause button every second so you don't die instantly in normal and up. Makes the game actually a ton of fun. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing ;)

edit: But yeah, I'd say Assassin's Creed 2 is a much better thing to look forward to.

And unless you like dragons... in which case you would not touch this with a stick :P

I suppose on the surface there is a lot to like about this game. Best graphics I've seen on a console, attention to detail is just jaw dropping. Voice acting is up there among the best even if the dialog doesn't shine at all times. Cinematics, again up there with the best. Gameplay is not bad, but basically everything Yahtzee said was true. Also you'd think they'd give you a better head start in chase scenes so as to not make it obvious you are capable of absorbing 100 bullets or more before dieing. Too it would have been nice if the game was focused on the adventure much more than the combat. The body count is a little to high.

But I like it better than the first game and it certainly is a lot more enjoyable than Gears of War. By the way anyone notice a kinda Looney Tunes like comedy in Drake 2? Like every other thing he jumps to or grabs falls apart and he ends up falling like Wyle E. Coyote on a bad day?

P.S. I don't play the multiplayer cause running around shooting people at random for kill stats is like soooo boring man, sooo Counter-Strike.

Wow, I think Yahtzee swung and missed on this one. Sure, a few of the points he makes abut some of the details are true. But saying this game lacks innovation is way off. As a whole, no other singleplayer game has ever quite reached the action cinematic appeal that this one accomplishes, and that in itself is innovative. And there is much more to the game than the graphical appeal. From start to end I was glued to the gameplay and the story. Any game that makes you want to keep playing is a success in my book.

While watching big cinematic cutscenes from other singleplayer games in the past, I always said "gee, it would be nice if we could play through this rather than just getting to watch it." U2AT is really the first game that actually does just that. The cutscenes are only there to advance the story, but the best action sequences you get to actually play.

I see what is really going on with this review. This all about the Australian character turning out to be the bad guy and the American guy turning out to be the hero.

Oh, and Nathan Drake looks/acts absolutely nothing like David Hasselhoff. So whatever the intended joke was with that, it failed.

Yahtzee's persistent hatred of capable, smart-mouthed, rough-and-tumble Americans knows no bounds.

Yes, it is painfully unoriginal.
But the overall package and how expertly it meshes all the cliches it incorporates is the true beauty of Uncharted.

That said, you may be onto something with all that foreigner-killing.
For all we know, Naughty Dog could simply be using Uncharted as a vehicle to promote aggressive xenophobic policy.


Interesting to see someone rag on this game since companies and reviewers seem to be beating this game to death with game of the year recommendations...Personally, doesn't look all too great to me, certainly nothing new. But then again, if halo and COD has shown us anything, it's that doing nothing/very little new sells much better than doing something original.

Yes, damn CoD for making the new and refreshing Modern Warfare and then making a sequel since everyone wanted one.

And how is it interesting to see Yahtzee rag on a game that has gotten good reviews?

And just because something isn't new and original doesn't mean that it isn't great. You're talking like we should ban things like Halo to hell because they have the nerve not to do extreme changes to their games that would be met with anger.

Uncharted 2 may be unoriginal to some, but it probably has the best quality of any game out this year.

I hate it when people say "Doesn't look original" as a reason to why it would be bad. It's gotten GotY recommendations for a reason.

Wow, take it easy, when did I say we should ban it to hell? I never said I didn't like CoD, or that it was bad. In fact, I love CoD, every single game in the series has been awesome. I never said they were doing anything wrong by releasing an unoriginal game...I was actually just stating that making very few changes sells better than making big ones most of the time...Also, it's nothing interesting to see Yahtzee rag on a well reviewed game, however it is interesting to see him rag on a game that has been getting GotY recommendations since before it came out. In my very limited experience with other reviewers, that is rare for me. Sorry you took my post out of context and immediately labeled it trolling but try not to jump to conclusions next time...

yo i don't get it...he says jake needs to propogate the "master race" by not porking the "british" lady when his great grandfather or something is English, as is yahtzee, who are mostly Germanic...

Uncharted is the best game on PS3!!!!!!
I always enjoy Yahtzee's videos, but dont let it keep you from buying such a great game

I have no idea how the uncharted series is racist. Just because most enemies are different races doesn't mean its racist.

great as usual

This bad boy just took Spikes VGA for Game of the Year! Is this game reason enough to buy a PS3?


funny review, but I have to disagree with Yahtzee here. I happen to enjoy this game very much. I am however disappointed in multiplayer mode. It just seems to take WAY too many shot to kill someone, I shouldn't have to empty an entire clip of an AK47 into someones back only to have them still run off and hide. Very frustrating. I've only played MP mode a couple of times and haven't been back since, maybe I'll try again later, but I'm enjoying MW2 multiplayer too much now. Kind of funny that I do not like MW2 single player, but love Uncharted 2's single player; and on multiplayer its the exact opposite.

I usually agree with Yahtzee on his reviews but he was unfair with this review. Uncharted had a great story and was versatile in how to aproach enemy situations. Walls were hard to decipher I admit. But from begining to end the transitions and scenarios were interesting and had great twists. I didn't play the first uncharted however.

Sometimes I think zeropunctuation videos should vary in legnth because some elements are more or less covered among the many games that are reviewed. But I always appreciate the alternative view yahtzee gives with his reivews...he is stone cold.

The irony. Total imbeciles write the best game ever, Half Life. Actual writers write an Indiana Jones rip off. Who would've thought of that?

As a professional for more than thirty years in the world of "touching-balls" (in possession of the proper european certificate) i will like to say that the photo appearing at the moment in which our dear narrator talks about the "National Portrait Gallery" is actually the entrance of the "National Gallery". Alright, it's the same building but, if following our dear narrator you enter the suposed "National Portrait Gallery" you won't find any portraits there, but still you will enjoy a very edificating cultural experience.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this is one of his best

why do people like this game? I couldn't stand it for ten minutes (mostly because the melee attacks look like a bizarre form of rape and leave me either scratching my head or laughing long enough to die and do it all over again.)

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