Uncharted 2

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Anyone find it funny that Yahtzee mentioned Prototype having an original story, when he went on about how generic it was that it was the same old super soldier thing again? Plus the fact he has amnesia and there's a city wide virus infecting people. It's not original, just several clichéd stories smacked together.

Not saying it isn't a fun ride though, just that it wasn't a good example to use.

i take issue with Modern Warfare 2, as a unique story for me it felt like they grabbed bunch of 90's action movies and cobbled them together with a bunch of sticky tape and then pulled some places in america and cobbled them into it as well

the gulag shower section just made me feel like i was seeing alcatraz by a different name(rainbow 6 3 ithink, The rock(movie))

oh lets fight around the whitehouse, thats because america has bombed the crap out of anywhere else the bad guys are and its just a nice deserty place now

the only unique bit was the terrorist shooting and even then your still shooting russians, if they shot americans well they probably all woulda been shot themselves by now:(

I loved this particular Extra Punctuation. It reminds me why I like this chap. I'd like to coin the phrase:

"Yahtzee: Saying it so you don't have to."

Though on occasion, it does piss me off when he covers the points that I was already making myself. Makes me look unoriginal. I guess I'm just going to have to beat the dead horse vigorously enough to have something to sell as modern art.

I hate. HATE, this tendancy computer games are developing towards forcing you into objectionable actions. Drake is an evil selfish prick who deserves nothing less than the treatment he himself metes out to others. As soon as he killed that security guard, he became no more sympathetic than his nemesis'. Moral choice systems may be a wee bit cheesey, but when the moral choice is kill the innocent or don't play the game, my action is predetermined.

My problem here is projection. I roleplay in every game I play. That's the point to me, escapism. Being someone other than myself without the added trouble of relocation, training. passports and death. Oh and the fact that I can't actually get a spaceship with Nuclear Gatling Autocannons.

It causes me so much trouble as well. Take Dead Rising for example:
My friend: "Dude, yeah, those are escaped military prisoners... you'd better just leave her and run."
Me: [silently considers how long it's been since the last save point] "I... can't. I can't stand the idea of what they'd do to her."
Him: "Dude. They have a Jeep, with a Heavy Machine Gun. You have a pistol and a skateboard."
Me: [Grimaces and attempts the run. With a cunning combination of sudden sharp turns and use of dead flesh as cover, he makes it within 10 yards of the area exit before a .30 cal round turns his silly little head into a glorious spray of crimson.]

So... yes, I'm a freak and a fool.
As a result, Drake can lick my limey stick and choke on my Geordie knackers.
Good night.

...and Merry Christmas, for those whom may be concerned. z: )

I just read this one b/c i wanted to play the game so it wasn't spoiled for me. I agree with some of what yahtzee said, except that I think that the mercenaries are a lot like nazis in that no one really cares if you kill them.

I still love Drake as a character. Yeah, he lacks in the humanity, but he's so charming that I can't criticize him. The game is one huge cliché, but I love it. The charm in Uncharted 2 takes it a long way, and even though it may not be original, it's extremely well polished. Also, when Nathan laughs in that sarcastic way it makes my heart swoon.

I completely agree with this statement. The charm which has become characteristic of Uncharted and its characters IMO override the clichés.
Yeah I agree so very, very late, but bear with me, I just got this game :P


Even this aritcle, it is quite clear that Yahtzee is (purposfully) being very one sided, he doesn't raise any points about the good sides of drakes character.

There are none, he really hates the character... how much more blunt than "a smug unlikeable tosser and I hate him" does he have to be...
Want more?
"he's an irresponsible, idle, sardonic cretin, who wouldn't do an honest day's work even if you held a gun to his head.
I'd just like to see some spark of humanity. "

Being devoid of humanity is pretty much immediate grounds to not caring about the character regardless of what perceived good points you see in him.


The whole article about a GAME is in fact entirely about the character you play as.
This is what makes it entertaining reading. Do people really not get that.

Yeah because he hasn't already ripped the game a new asshole in his video review...

Yahtzee obviously puts a negative spin on his reviews, thats why they are loved and watched by so many, but there are people actually taking them seriously.

Of course he does, its what a critic does. He glosses over the good points. But that does not mean that hes lying about a games bad points. The funniest jokes are the ones that are true and Yahtzee nails it on the head every time for me... he plays games so we don't have to, its noticeable when he enjoys a game though and most people pick up on that even if the review is mostly negative.

He covered the games good points in the best games of 2009 list, and said quite clearly that the game has some good points and is worth playing as long as you change the language and play with subtitles.

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