The Books That Founded D&D

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Very interesting, I think my bookshelf is going to need an extension now. :)

It is nice to see these influences, I haven't played D&D since 2nd edition, and then I only really played the basic game. But even from that I could tell it was influenced by Tolkein, but there must have been a lot more.

Merrik Waters:
"Books that founded D&D" Pfff i think the real question is "Books founded BY D&D"

Expand it slightly and the answer is easy:

Books influenced by D&D or Tolkein? Almost everything in Fantasy since. ;)

I remember a really early Dragon Magazine issue that featured a Gygax interview, and he was almost militantly adamant that D&D was not derived from Tolkien. It stuck in my head at the time because I was such a Tolkien freak. I was also thoroughly taken with Moorcock's work, but knew nothing about Burroughs, et. al.. So Gygax did me and many others a favor. Instead of pretending that D&D sprang out of the ether, he acknowledged the influences that led him and Arneson to build D&D.

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