$1k gets you into E3

The guys at Joystiq are reporting that a few intrepid souls (I'm guessing EB employees) are selling their E3 passes for a cool thousand bucks. They originally posted an auction an eBay, but the ESA got wind and killed it before anyone could make a bid. However, the sale moved to Craigslist, but the price remains the same.

In case the ad gets taken down there, here's the text:

I have a pair of E3 Badges I am selling. I had these posted on Ebay but the ESA pulled the auction. Purchasing these will get you onto the show floor of E3 2006. My manager and I will fly down to L.A. and pick up the badge holders with our ID's. You will not have to show ID at any point from there on out. Our travel expenses are included in the badge price. The pair of badges is $1000 obo. Please email me with any questions. Thanks.

Not a bad deal, given that the folks behind the expo claim to be cracking down on letting just anyone into the show. But if you're looking for a high signal to noise ratio in your conferences, I'm willing to bet you could bribe your way into AGC, DICE or GDC for far less and walk out not only better informed, but in full possession of your auditory faculties.

Really, it's all about bang for your buck, and unless you find your soulmate in booth babe form, you're not going to get much bang at E3, period.


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