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Screw my screenname, you will all henceforth refer to me as The OCTOPIMP.

That's what I always kinda thought about censorship and things of the sort for teenagers. I mean what's floating around in our heads is alot worse than anything we're going to see.

Like how my friend who can drive but isn't allowed to curse. I have always advised him to stand up to his mom and simply tell her he jacks off all say long. I think that would get into her head that he isn't a child anymore.

i flew around on my roflcopter as SOOON as i saw OCTOPIMP.
haha that guy is the boss!
loved this episode!

I have only watched the beginning, but all I can say is:


"We really need to watch these before we air them." O_O Agreed, you weird report...

Hurray for Octopimp!

And keep your stick on the ice!

i just watch this show for her.

All Hail OCTOPIMP, and it's too true with the gamestop thing

LOL, this was a pretty great episode imo

ds are evil aaaahhhhh

Damn you, Nintendo, for putting your penises in the heads of today's innocent youth. DAMN YOU. *shakes a fist*

For those that don't know, "Octopimp" was the IRC handle of a guy who bid an obscene amount of money for one of the items auctioned off during Desert Bus '09.

A pimp, in possession of eight limbs, AND incredibly generous. Let us all hail OCTOPIMP.

Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!

The episodes are keep getting better! You guys really improved a lot since the first ep, good job :D


tyvm ENN!

"I blame those Nintendo people for putting penisses in his head."
And that's only one line that had me laughing out loud.

I really loved the report on Pictochat. This was by far the best episode yet!

I absolutely LOVE the Red Green Show reference.

Kathleen, I love you for that.

XD i love the red greens show

Octopimp FTW.

OCTOPIMP HAHAHAHA the video of him is amazing, too.

Yes the folks Gamestop are a bunch of douche bags holding their exclusive DLC over our heads. I hope they go out of business I really do.

OCTOPIMP!!! The Gamestop bit was my favorite. I honestly wasn't expecting a show...

Given how they have that "all-night" stare on Desert Bus, I'd amazed they look so awake.

BTW, $118K. Donate or Tweet!

The tags spoiled "octopimp" for me, but an otherwise great video.


for anyone who didn't notice the red green shoutout "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" thats a hardcore canadian reference. KUDOS!

Red Green reference ftw! Next time, use the Chicken Cannon please.

Air farce was pro liberal anti conservative trash that helped split the country east v west. Screw Air farce. They hated Alberta

also i honestly dont think i've ever used pictochat except to draw elaborate penises for unsuspecting ds users. Truth mirrors fiction.

Queen > Vanilla Ice!!!!!!!!!!!


XD Is it bad that the first thing me and my mates do on pictochat is see who can draw a penis and send it the fastest?

well I didn't find any real 'laugh out loud' moments, but it was still enjoyable.

A failed attempt to be funny.

i just watch this show for her.

Finally, someone else.

Great episode

Wow, I laughed at the "he used to be such a normal teenager" line.

The report kinda reminded me of Jon Stewart in the way they asked stupid questions.

Hilarious, but the octopimp tag was the best part. That guy was INSANE!

Hehehe, "Imperial Hot."

ALSO, Graham, your mom is adorable.

ALSO, signing off using Red Green? I think I love you guys.

I've already pre-ordered the materials for a shrine.

I get the awesomeness of mentioning him, but why tag Octopimp? Were you trying to Uber-awesome your video? Because that requires Octopimp's presence!

Oh come on, don't tell me NONE of you thought of 'Dick-tochat'.

i just watch this show for her.

So what does it say about me when I watch it for Graham and I'm a guy? o.O


i just watch this show for her.

So what does it say about me when I watch it for Graham and I'm a guy? o.O

That you're a classy gentleman with natural good taste!

: )

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