There Will Be Brawl: Episode Nine

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everyone seems to have been crying a little at the end... was it bad that i was cracking up?

Most definitely my favorite episode. This has been quite an awesome series. I'd like to see more from these guys eventually.

Man you can tell the guys who wrote this are the biggest Nintenerds ever, they even referenced the old LoZ cartoon =) Now all we need is THE VIEW IS PRETTY GOOD FROM UP HERE.

In that case though, should Sprite and Navi be different people?

Does anyone have any idea who the friends of the Pokemon Trainer (I think they call him 'Red' here) seem to be? The girl with black hair and a hat was his girlfriend, the short girl with purple hair, and some kind of rabbit guy?

Also, what do they call Waluigi for short, 'Wall' or something?

so uh... does anyone else feel sorry for Waluigi?

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