Stolen Pixels #147: Naked Greed

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I usually try to avoid doing this just on principle. My only exception is Gafgarion in FF Tactics. In my defense, though, he's stabbing you in the back in-battle, has gear you can't buy at that point in the game, and his life-stealing powers make him a pain to beat.

That was funny as hell! :D

I do this. Although it has caused some awkward moments with friends/family who don't play games enough to understand why I am controlling naked men in my game.

I'll tell you one thing, I hate it when I FORGET to do this with a temp character. Sometimes they run off with some pretty valuable stuff.

I did this to Yoshimo every single damn time, right before he betrayed me. In fact, I usually stood on the last safe floor paver before he betrayed me.

"Uhh, Yoshimo? I'm gonna stand here for a minute. Say, buddy? Can I see.. um.. ALL your stuff for a minute?"

Then I'd make him use up all his abilities! And then kill him.

Same thing with some other NPCs. "Say, before you betray m-- uh, I mean, before you let me take another step, could you do me a favour and cast ALL of your spells over there?"

I did that in Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. The starting equipment has no effect, and if you sell it immediately you can get more healing potions.

I never thought to do that, and I've beaten the game multiple times. Though, I probably would do that if you didn't get their armor anyway.

LOL! I do that every time.

Lol, I do that when I replay FRPGs.

Actually, this is moot. You get everything they had equipped straight after you wake up from the Joining.

I always do that, too. Sometimes I wish they didn't let me, so that wouldn't break the imersion that much.

Lol, brilliant. I did that some times during the game you know.

As an added bonus, all cut scene dialogue is hilarious when you consider the two naked men standing right there. Examples (Dialogue paraphrased due to bad memory)

Alistair: "You don't mean to tell us you were expecting this!"

Also a good one,

Naked Mook 1: "If we go with her she'll put us in her pot of stew!"
Naked Mook 2: "At least the pot may be warm. It's freezing out here!"


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