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oh i feel very awkward now D:

Nice profile of you, Graham. Really made you look like you had a bowl cut.

I only laughed at the "once you go black" joke because im rude. Other than that it wasnt really good..

Lady Kathleen:
Referring to me by "De Vere" makes me feel like I'm on some sort of organized sports team and I'm being yelled at for being rubbish at it, getting distracted, looking for four leaf clovers in the outfield and then getting hit in the head by a pop fly.

Do I sense some unresolved issues here?

Tell me about your parents...

Onyx Oblivion:

It's called the Phailhaus.

Thanks for your contribution. I had forgotten that since the last episode was in September. I guess I'm a terrible fan. I'll be self-flagellating if anyone needs me.

Also, to the person who said it was obvious that the interview was staged... just wow. Are these the same people who are still "calling out" professional wrestling on not being real?

The end was the only part I enjoyed.

"He's like a black wii, that's all I'm saying."


Great, one of the best Enn's but that guild interview bit was boring.

i went and watched the guild on youtube........ they are NOT funny people

This weeks ENN was just bloddy brilliant. The stab at Langdell, the Black Wii, and I thought the Guild piece was pretty good, although I think it could have been about 30 seconds shorter. The patter during the credits was awesome. The sauna joke was made of awesome, and yes Jeremy you need a new coat.

Looks like I'm one of the few people who actually liked the interview with the Guild actors. When done well, I generally enjoy humor the further it's dragged from a semblance of a punchline; based on the comments, I guess this is unusual. Oh well. :)

"Son I am Appoint" is this a tip of the hat to the 4Chan meme?

THIS MESSAGE R NOT 4 U!! >>>>>>:(

The Rogue Wolf:
Sorry, gang, but the whole interview skit, it... well, it sort of died on the table there. Perhaps it's best just to pull the sheet over its head and move on.

Kathleen can trash-talk with the best of 'em, though.

Jeremy can't look at the camera, which I found sort of funny. Maybe he just needs more practice - other than that, that episode was freaking awesome (like they all are)

Or maybe Jeremy is secretly a cockatrice, and if he gazed directly into our eyes, we'd all turn to stone. I'm just throwing out ideas here.

Kathleen De Veere if you're reading this please send me your panties so I can finish my love shrine dedicated you. Also, I want to smell your nethers!'re creeping me out, and I don't even WEAR panties.

...soft, silky, pretty pink panties, the kind that make you feel like even more of a man....


Well since I don't really know what guild chat is I felt left out. the other stories were pretty funny though. Black Wii now THAT's hilarious and dirty all at the same time... Are they really trying to interface xbox and emergancy reports or whatever.
Oh I have a nifty idea...
Ok I'm going to take all the words in the opening titles that change and sting them together.

toasty bootylicious vestigial pre-post modern sideways bipedal turgid corrosive tepid Octopimp Indeed

Hmmm I thought that it might spell out something insidious like Paul is dead, or Join Us well ok so not as cool as I thought...
anyway ENN is still hilarious even if I thought this one was slow.


toasty bootylicious vestigial pre-post modern sideways bipedal turgid corrosive tepid Octopimp Indeed

Word Disassociation?

In terms of the video, however, I thought that while not as stellar as previous shows, it was definitely solid. Once again, the interview was iffy, but I feel that while not outright funny, there was a subtle humor that people either were not expecting, or just flat out missed.

Great job once again ;)

The Guild interview was a bit flat... the wheel was spinning, but the hamster's dead. Sorry Graham, Kathleen & Jeremy take the Awesome-Funny cake this week.

The interview feels like the kind of stuff that usually gets edited out of a video.

Paul and Graham are awesome! Keep loving those guys, but Jeremy and Kathleen certainly are cool too.

wow...ive never heard of the guild... thanks for telling me about that show. ive proceeded to watch the first 5 eps. its pretty awesome. i think ive found the tv ill be watching this weekend.

good ep. although the guild segment was kinda reusing the same joke 5 times. but the wii joke was good, and the filling in for graham bit. also the credits. all in all a decent ep.

awkward silence went on for a tad tooo long, but the ENN never fails to deliver the lols.

awesome interview with the guild lol

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