Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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Video not working for anyone else?

Nice review Yahtzee, but you do sound as if you're having a cold in this video. If you do have one, get well soon. But if it is a new microphone, I'd recommend switching back to the old one unless if it's broken or something.

i would have guessed yahtzee was 25-30ish but hes just now going through puberty so i guess i was wrong

Croatia bows down to you, Yahtzee, in all our humbleness.

Is it just me or does his voice sound a lot like it did in his first two videos? I know it was a bit off to me when I got bored enough to watch them.

The sound did indeed lack punch in this one. There are numerous possible explainations, as were listed in the first page of this comments section (which was about as much as I could be bothered to read) but none the less, this is best explained and hoped for as an anomoly.

Maybe his tonsils are swelling, on their way to becoming a frightening new mutant life-form.
Maybe he's been replaced with a more corporately-compliant doppleganger or impressioner.
Maybe he's bored of the whole thing.

Hmmm, actually, this conjecture business is fun.

Maybe he's...


wow when he said that in heaven the shooters are croatian and the game pictured was serious sam i was so astonished i didnt even pay any attention to the rest of the video XD... im so proud now for being croatian

Didn't you know that one was Croatian? The developers were called "Croteam" and were not Cro-Magons.

of course i knew but what i didnt expect was its appearance in zero punctuation... especially to get praised although the game is great XD

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Assassin's Creed 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Assassin's Creed 2.

Watch Video

Wow, sounds like you have a cold there dude, or maybe it's just a new mic, I dunno.

If it is the cold or flu, hope you feel better next week.


Hey, not everything made in Canada/by Canadians is bad!

Yeah, PoP:Sands of Time was developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

All of the PoP games were made by Ubisoft Montréal, as was both AC's and all of the Tom Clancy games, and Far Cry 2.

Sorry Yahtzee, but your joke backfired.

I can only hope he had a cold. Did not much like the voice.

hilarious review, as usual :)

great review man
is the "Shot a man to watch him die" text at the end screen by any chance a Johnny Cash reference?

Like most people so far have said, change back to the old mic you used, this sounds.. clangy/metallic not very nice.

Also all italians are tossers. Tossers that can cook though.

of course i knew but what i didnt expect was its appearance in zero punctuation... especially to get praised although the game is great XD

Hasn't Yahtzee expressed approval of Serious Sam before? I thought he had...


Not to mention that wheellock pistols(the kind featured in this game, judging from a cut-scene I've seen[I've never played the game]) were known as assassins' weapons because they could be readied to fire, concealed, and brought out to kill with the great power a firearm commands at a moment's notice, unlike a matchlock firearm. Several European states tried to ban them because of this.

There's a thin book about the subject called The Awful End of Prince William the Silent if anyone is interested.

It sounds like a new mic and a stuffy nose. I do recall another episode where he also sounded close to this. Still I feel this review was lacking in a good part of humor but I did find it entertaining.

Just beat this game. I loved it. I crave more. Assassins Creed 3 lets go.

Just beat this game. I loved it. I crave more. Assassins Creed 3 lets go.

i hope u got 2yrs

I'm sure Yahtzee will explain the voice thing with a sarcastic comment in the next Extra Punctuation, seeing as how half the comments pertain to that subject.

Anyway awsome review, and all that other stuff you genrally see in these posts.

Is it just me or did Yahtzee voice sounds different this week?!? Anyway I figured out about half way through the review that I really shouldn't be watching this as I have not finished the game and there are a few spoilers in here I didnt want to know, even they didnt really tell me anything


assassins creed is shit suck my balls

Why would you want someone to do that? To prove your point that the game is bad? I think if you don't put down a solid argument on WHY you thought the game was bad then you can't say the game sucks...have you even played it?

I'm glad it's better than the original, even though I haven't gotten into the series. Maybe I'll check out the first.

Don't buy the second one just yet because I made that mistake. I'm now trying to get through and savor the first when I already have the second.

This is the first time I've ever noticed a missed opportunity in a ZP video. He never commented on the QTE-like sequences to do pointless crap like move a baby's legs or give Leonardo Da Vinci a hug.

Still, awesome review.

well placed Jurassic Park reference!

personally I like the idea of easy money. I'm not here to play bankers creed. That was the bullshit with fable 2. I had to actually stop playing the game for 2 weeks or sit for an almost equal amount of time doing boring jobs to make enough money to buy one fucking castle and play its on gimptastic mission

Yahtzee cough a cold or something ?

I really don't like the new voice, seems much more slower and has lost its edge. Go back to the old sound!

Is it me or does he sound funny in this one... and again, he just fails at reviewing ... i think he should give up, the fact his first joke revolved around "italians are fags" is just so... *yawn* maybe he needs a new dayjob.. i mean if italians were all fags why is their prime minister managing to bed women half his age in a cardinal orgy all the time ;)

jealously yahtzee... or was it because you tried to play left for dead 2 in your "country" and realised there's no gore or blood and cried all the way home....

making fun of the girls face, i thought it arcuately looked like the person it was not only voice by but actually based on... you know.. ;)

Beggers or minstrelss in this case are easy to get rid of, didn't he manage to figure out the "throw money" part of the game. It's a lot easier than actually paying for the thiefs and bandits (which are useless, dotting around).

Although to be honest killing the minstrels was a lot easier, sure you get a warning and after the 3rd one dies you get a "1 more and you'll get desynced" but... but it does make the guards wander up to the bodies. Very handy getting codex pages as there's always a minstrel around.

When you're against 10 enemies the poison comes in handy.. use a smoke bomb, poison a couple and watch as they go a bit crazy and start hacking their own men (and any innocents about). Par Excellance... wait didn't you notice that Yahtzee (sometimes i wonder if he even plays the game ., engages his brain or watches someone else play it)

You get paid every 20 minutes (it actually tells you this though), and tells you how much you can hold in your villa (i swear did you play this? kinda obvious). Money is used for buying paintings, armour (handy when first starting) and getting achievements/trophies and making your villa actually get some progression from a rundown falling apart villa to a piece of art by the end of the game. (or after you get around 80% another trophy in the bag too).

lets take Dragons Age (one that Yahtzee liked) you get the Blood Armour for buying the game, little use actually using any other armour, seriously... just be a warrior.. shove whatever you want on any other character and carry on... worse you can buy the blood armour for every warrior class in your party.. so much blood armour you're amazed it's not on sale daily. I like mocking Dragons Age, the only game RPG that i hit level 20 within the first hour.

Games aren't supposed to be easy/hard.... they're supposed to be fun, for entertainment value [anything else is just epeen] (that thing your mind seems to lack the concept off whenever you play any games - unchartered 2 for instance).

Now lets look at the ACTUAL badpoints of the game:

Combat - unwieldly especially using "longweapons" and "throwing sand in the faces of the guards"
Climbing - when you learn the giant leap jump thing, making it work all the time without your hands becoming mindless messes is annoying for the PS3 it's "while in high mode hit X, then hold and hit O while pressing the left stick up, and if you're still holding L1 with fear of releasing it to grab R1 for High mode.. don't worry falling is fun"
Jumping - the amount of times i've been a degree off angle to watch Enzio plummet is the "tomb raider" syndrome of yesteryear.
The Feathers - Seriously 100 feathers... wow that took a lot of time to think up to piss off anyone who still remembers the "flags" from the first game.

Amazingly he didn't talk about the new characters and the fantastic interface which basically gives you lessons on famous buildings and the people you are killing. Whole wealth of info that is both interesting and informative. Plus the fact that Italy looks amazing in that period whether you enjoyed it or not.... then again Yathzee is in Australia the land of "wow.. more empty land... crickey"

2/10 for this review... he needs to be funny, witty, slighly more sarcastic ... there's nothing here, i'm off to watch some of the early videos where he was actually funny.

Ha, I love the Jurassic Park reference :D
"start hunting in packs" - Clever Girl.
Good one, although sounds like you have a throat infection Yahtzee.

Funniest part of the entire video.

Great review! Loved the Jurassic Park reference, caught me by surprise.

Funny review as ever and I just about managed to pull my ear phones out before the big boss spoiler ;)

I really liked the Jurassic Park reference.

EDIT: Nice to see other people appreciated it too!

Yahtzee kinda sounded like his voice broke for the second time.

i mean if italians were all fags why is their prime minister managing to bed women half his age in a cardinal orgy all the time ;)

Because he pays them, they are prostitutes.

Fun fact:
When Viagra was launched in Europe, most were sold in Italy.

They are fags and impotent too :D.

The review was both fun, funny and good.
But Yahtzee's increased volume, change in tone and slowness kinda let it down a little.
Is there a new microphone in? The old type was much better.

But in a way that nitpicking, its still a great video, its just got a reduction auditarily quality.

"Ezio Auditore dbibdibadib..."

Made me laugh. :D

Great review.

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