Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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Is it just me? or is his voice different?

Had to laugh at the frog thing - it occurred to me too that her face is a little... odd... throw the word frog in there and it gets a laugh, she totally looks like a bloody frog!

I loved the review, I think you were spot on about one particular point which is that the game is ridiculously easy compared with Assassin's Creed 1. The final battles in AC1 were really difficult and I remember having to restart a few times - but that's good, it was a challenge!

AC2 was just ridiculously easy, getting away from the guards as you rightly pointed out was utterly ridiculous, it's like they all had tunnel vision and cataracts! If you stood a few feet to their left or right and slipped past them they don't bat an eyelid. If you are being chased you can just hang off a ledge and they think you've miraculously disappeared. I was fully expecting AC2 to be much harder in terms of getting away from guards because they had hyped it that way - with the seeker guards finding you in the hay bales or the rooftop gardens - which by the way are exactly the same as the ones in 12th Century Israel from AC1; bit of laziness from Ubisoft there. Same with the horses and their riding gear... fairly certain they would have looked at least a LITTLE bit different.

Through the course of playing the entire game I came across the seeker guards twice I think. Was pretty piss poor. But aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed the game - I find the concept totally unique and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Fingers crossed no Desmond in the third game... I find him dull and uninteresting too; the only good bit was when he dreams of Altair - that was a cool little moment.

Voice was a little off-putting. Test run of a new mic, perhaps?

Also, I was a little disappointed that there was no mention of the "It's a-me, Mario" line which is said in the game.

I know, you'd think he'd have dedicated at least a few seconds to that hilarious out-of-nowhere line.

Enjoy this but im not sure if it's as much as the original. As you said, there's probably just too much to do.

His new voice scares me somewhat.

I loved the jurassic Park reference xD Clever girl ...

Note: The end credit thing was speaking in the third person. Meaning it might be a stand-in

David Bray:
Enjoy this but im not sure if it's as much as the original. As you said, there's probably just too much to do.

More gametime ws enjoyable, it only tookme about 3 weeks to beat the game, and fixup the villa 100%, get all the paintings, and I only have abot 2 acheivemnts left. Freaking feathers and glyphs are the only thing that bugs me, feathers are incredibly hard to find and some of the glyphs ae amzingly hard to do.......

"Ass Creed" LOL This guy kills me, just joined the sight, and am watching his reviews. XD

I sat there confused for a minute or two with some of Yahtzee's complaints about screed 1. And then I realized, "Oh! I played Screed 1 on the PC!" I guess ubisoft actually cared about making a good product on the PC... until that communist leaked it two months early. Now we have screed 2's awful DRM.

The new voice kinda scared me 0.0

its funny cuz everything he said was true

Was I the only one to notice the Jurassic Park reference...

The new voice kinda scared me 0.0

JULY and people are still whining about his voice.

I thought the review was hilarious but don't quite agree. I loved the first AC game and found the second one lacking. Most people don't agree with me, and that's alright, but I don't like Future Desmond and I don't like Ezio. Neither of them are assassin-like. See, in my mind assassins are bad-ass killers, using stealth and special tactics to kill their targets. From his choice of wardrobe to choice of weapons, Ezio doesn't feel like an assassin. It's fun to parkour and kill people, but they could have easily renamed the game The Exploits of Dr. Renaissance Genocide and it would have resulted in exactly the same thing. Altair had control issues, but was quite and meditative, going about his business with an air of confidence that I didn't feel from the 17 year-old Ezio that could already free-run.

The worst part for me was when Ezio killed his first target and yelled "MY NAME IS EZIO AUDITORE!" to horrified onlookers. Real stealthy.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong.

wtf it is not yahtzee!!@!!!

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