Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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All these complaints about Yahtzee's voice are pretty legitimate.
I spent most of the time being annoyed about the less top-endy part of his voice then actually listening to what he was saying.
The usual warmth in his voice needs to be brought back, sooo warm says my girlfriend.

Nice review, very funny and informative. I agree Assassin's Creed 2 is a massive improvement on the first game in the terms of the fun and story.

Did anyone notice that his voice sounds different?

Albeit, it was easier to understand you this time.

What happened to his voice?

Sounded liek he had a cold and you could really hear his accent in this vid. Anyway i fully enjoyed it!

Still, I think I will enjoy this game a lot

I liked the first bit of the video

Sounds like it should move in a fable direction but skip the morality stuff....


Yahtzees voice sounds a bit different, new microphone?

Also, I did notice AC2 stretching into Fable 2 'useless money' syndrome.

Once again, YZ accurately surmised my opinion of the game, bravo.

He Must have a cold

i dont know about that, but i think he is just talking slower

Maybe he was kidnapped by some Australian version of the Mafia for some reason, and now they've hired some other English guy to impersonate him?

Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

Still this new guy is pretty faithful to the old formula, so good luck to him!

Sounded different

ah great video =)
I never played the first game, so buying this game without having ever tried it and only getting hyped off the videos was somewhat of a leap of faith for me (aha) not knowing if the genre would be to my liking

luckily the game IS pretty awesome, and yeah most of the points he made are so so true, but never BAD really
I was never filthy rich in the main course of the game (constantly upgrading)
yeah the story got weird and it's not a hard game, but I think that helped the immersion factor for me
oh and those minstrels really do hunt you down, and when in Venice they come in packs lol

I know this has been said many times, but whats up with Yahtzee's voice.



Yahtzees voice sounds a bit different, new microphone?

Also, I did notice AC2 stretching into Fable 2 'useless money' syndrome.

Once again, YZ accurately surmised my opinion of the game, bravo.

He Must have a cold

i dont know about that, but i think he is just talking slower

yeah, a bit more like his first two videos posted on youtube? lol

He sounds like he was in his first so called review.

The man has a cold. Check back to the Heavenly Sword(s) video for proof.

Long time lurker, first post. Pretty much agree on all the points bar the boss fight. Made more sense than the first game's ending fight.

Also, Finding the glyph sections to be pretty thought provoking. Even if sometimes it's "lolconspiracy XD"

Kudos, this is what I was skimming to see if anyone else had noticed it. And it's your tenth post! How 'bout that?

Welcome to The Escapist Forums.

I don't like this new sounding voice

How is it new when he sounds like he did when he first started doing the reviews?

But yeah, how come he sounds like that again?

Ok, I'm terribly at distinguishing sounds and even I can tell that's not yahtzee.

No, it doesn't sound like he has a flu or a new mic, it doesn't even sound like his old reviews, it doesn't sound like him at all. So it confuses me that so many people seem to honestly believe it was him.

new mic?

Balls drop?

I paused the video and didn't see the big (>) watermark. I find this an improvement and request that it never comes back again.

The final boss fight is a punch up with a fat bloke.

I lol'd really hard at that one.

i am 100 % sure that, that was not in any way Yahtzee

Nice mic, not so nice throat disease, wonderful review. I loved how Yahtzee called AC1 "Ass Creed 1", because IMO S'creed 2 destroyed Creed 1 in every way possible.

Keep up the good work!

Damnit Ass Creed 1's major and pretty much only flaw was the constant repetition of doing 1 sort of assassin related thing x 100... If Ass Creed 2 is just like that then I'm not going to bother... I mean I had already spent enough time experimenting the the extremely limited options of combat and wasn't even that far into the game.

"OMG what happened to ur voice? new mic/cold?" Chill the hell out, the guy has friends you know. I'm guessing that he wrote it and had a friend say it.

Yahtzee, please go back to the old microphone - you sound like you have a frog in your throat, or like you're using a bad quality microphone.

(and if you do have a frog in your throat I'm sorry for being an ass and hope you get better soon)

I'm glad to hear that ACII is at least tolerable... I haven't finished ACI but I'm hopefully getting the second for Christmas.

It's more than tolerable. It's incredible.

Was it just my imagination or did Yahtzee sound different in this episode?


I don't like this new sounding voice

Yeah, what's with the new voice?

it sounds like he was really tired when he did this video, not liking it, sounds dull

OT: Great review, laughed my ass off, and made ALOT of good points



I think the sound quality is better on the voice which is probably why it sounds different.

Yeah, but not that different. I kept expecting some gag to reveal it was actually someone else.

he's probably got a cold.

A very good review, but the massive watermark for the Escapist is a bit obnoxious.

yea what's up with the voice? did yatzhee hit puberty again or something? lol
stil a great review im still getting the game though.

btw im new to escpaist.....friend me =)

It was a perfectly fair review.

Personally, I loved the game. I just wished there was more for me to blow money on... For example: Art. After I got 30 pieces, I was a bit sad that I couldn't buy any more. I would have liked to see lesser known Renaissance pieces/artists.

I love how everyone's flailing about the new voice. We must be memorized by its melodic qualities to the point that we begin withdrawal immediately upon its loss.

I don't care if it's a new voice or not, I just want to know why. -_o I spent the entire review wondering if it was actually Yahtzee or if he let Yug or some other buddy of his do a guest review.

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