Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

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I vote Bowser in the Tank VS Bowser fight. He has a shell, he has a flying ride, and he crushes things under his ass.

Huh? What? Game-talk? Feh. All the good jokes on that were taken by the man in the hat.

God damn Rolling Stones these days.

Speaking of TF2 updates, they teased a new one on the TF2 blog today, go check it out, I don't want to spoil the awesome:

loved the fresh prince of bel air referance and the stones reference

I would play a Mario/Zombie game. Maybe.

I loved the Fresh Prince Refrence

Same here ^^ Good review all around. His voice sounds a bit hoarse, the aftermath of flu perhaps? But then again, I'm not about to go on about his voice.

The rapid switching between games was awesome and the whole thing was really funny, altho the left 4 dead 2 review probably wouldve been funnier if hed gotten a hold of the uncensored version


More importantly, why can't a balance be found between both the story and the game play? Why can't the two blend together, as was the case with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time? What about the StarCrafts of our day, where there was incredibly interesting, varied and balanced gameplay and a rich background story?

In any case, you say you want a "game experience". Great. So do I and so do most gamers, I assume. Now, if I wanted an "arcade game experience", I'd roll out my NES or else buy some points for Live and get something there for cheap.

I'm not saying your points are not valid since I agree overall, but I don't see how people are justifying spending sixty clams on either of these games, when they only have the gameplay covered and ignore all other tenants of good modern-day game making. Just having good gameplay does not a good game make.

What's this? Yahtzee is shredding two games per episode now? Fun times are ahead if he ever has a threesome going on outside his bedroom and inside his next review.

Well, it's probably been noted but still fuck reading through all these pages but anyways whats with the Shawshank references? I enjoy them a lot so he's a good man but still I'm just curious, and I think that makes 3 references now?

glad to see even yahtzee's keeping up with the Hat Fortress bullshit going on.

Ben, ben can we have you autograph on a fedora hat! You're THAT much a good presenter and strictly a man of his guns :9

Hey, the Wii has some use. It made No More Heroes. Good video, truly entertaining. Really, though? Tank or Bowser? C'mon...the tank can't jump. How could he win?

I'm excited for the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories review. You know he's gonna take that on one of these days.

Also, valve really needs to work on Half-life more. Yeah, zombies sell better, but its been nearly three years...for an expansion pack. Zombies get their expansion pack in a year... that's some bullshit.

mario is dying the way sonic is dying. he wont die as fast because hes more versatile, but he will die. and fanboys and nintendo need to come to terms with that.

Shit, Yahtzee got worked up during that review.
I mean he really got pissed off.

Great reviews, as always. That being said, it's a touch ironic that you lament the well executed sameness of L4D2 (combined with the trickling updates to TF2), and savage the completely unoriginal SMB Wii while at the same time longing for a sequel to the Half Life series.

Don't get me wrong, I want to swing that crowbar around as much as the next guy, just found it an amusing piece of cognitive dissonance.

Yeah no shit where's HL2Ep3

Anyway. Amusing, I'm off to watch Reviews on the Run online wooot

Bowser vs. Tank: Who would survive?

Bowser, because he's just as strong and can breath fire. As we have seen, fire can be very effective against the Tank.

Watch his Sonic Unleashed review, THAT'S pissed off. And he has every right to be.



*Snip snip*

It can be (MGS is one of my favorite franchises), but does every game NEED to have an indepth story to necessitate a price? Why does a long campaign matter more than replay value? I'd rather pay 60 dollars for a game that I'll keep and come back to every now and then rather than a game that I'll sell in a month and never want to play again.

I'm not against stories but I don't think an in depth story should be required for a game to be "worth it". If it's not adding to the game then it's just tacked on nonsense. (AKA: The story mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl) Many games' stories are more enjoyable when experienced exclusively than through gameplay. Short games can be worth it if it's something you deeply enjoy or want to play again and again. I almost always REGRET buying long games because it feels like I'm buying a job that I'll just end up quitting.

Never tried the SMB game. Not getting the Wii until Christmas. I have played the L4D2 demo and I've put an embarrassingly large number of hours into playing L4D. I have to agree that L4D2 is much more like an expansion. While there are a couple of interesting additions that probably couldn't be added to the original like zombie minus arm = zombie not dead yet, Things like the added weapons, zombie types and new helpful items probably could. (I could start a whole new rant about how absurd the defib item is, but not right now...Phoenix Down anyone?) Now, if they had added drivable vehicles with levels designed for them, that could have made a significant difference in my opinion...

i hope next review is shattered memories


I'm also loling hard at the people whining that Nintendo dares to use a successful franchise like Mario, and then asking when Valves gonna release HL2:EP 3.

Number of games involving Half-life: 6. 7 if you count Portal being referenced as the same universe.
Number of games involving Mario charaters: Several hundred.

Yeah, that's TOTALLY the same thing. /sarcasm

Glad to see the return of the triple cunted hooker.

And I wish valve weren't so anti-PS3. I like zombies and I'd like to give L4D a go but they seem to have dismissed it as an unworthy platform. Why I can't really tell. They may sell more copies on the 360 but there's certainly money to be made on the damn thing.

1. It is difficult to program for, meaning they would have to use tons of money to train a whole new team of programmers and then fire them all when PS4 launches.
2. Even if they had a team of programmers who could program for the PS3, making games for it would still be expensive.

I can't watch the whole review. It cuts out half way through.

pfft he didn't even play the real left 4 dead 2 fucking Australia

Hahahaha, I knew there was a reason I was sticking with L4D and not bothering with the "new" version. It's much nicer, now that the frothing-at-the-mouth 14 year olds have left the servers.

To give my opinion on the "question" posed at the end, Bowser. Just because he can spit fireballs. Fire beats Zombies, just like Scissors beat Paper and Fists beat a Red-Headed Step-child.

*snip* It can be (MGS is one of my favorite franchises), but does every game NEED to have an indepth story to necessitate a price? Why does a long campaign matter more than replay value?
Many games' stories are more enjoyable when experienced exclusively than through gameplay. Short games can be worth it if it's something you deeply enjoy or want to play again and again.

Couldn't agree with you more. Of course, sometimes you just want to shoot zombies in the face with a shotgun, their "motivation" and any pretense of plot be damned.

Heh. The conversation that's been happening remind anyone else of the unlockable cut-scene in SW: Bounty Hunter where Jango asks Lucas what his motivation is?

I for one find it strange that while he despises the newer mario games, he enjoyed the newer Zelda games which has received just as much horse-flogging as his plumber counterpart.

Left 4 Dead 2 I agree is not really a complete sequel. It's not a bad game, but it uses the same engine just upped. I mean come on can't they make Source engine 2.0? I know it is versatile, but it's getting old. A wheel made out of stone will work, but why not just make it out of rubber? The old is not bad...just dated.

L4D2 is like...not a 1.5, but more like 1.9. It's close to being a sequel, but it doesn't push it far enough to be one. Like Yahtzee says, even a chip out of a wall is progress so at least it is going in the right direction. (lol at the Shawshank Redemption reference)

I want a Luigi's Mansion 2 or another Super Mario 64 type game.

lol. i agree. l4d2 is more or less the same but still ok to play. i got my self the US version because i dont play a stupid cut version. screw you atkinson.
surprisingly the US version was much cheaper then here in australia. i saved at least 50$.

So I heard you like mixing two unrelated reviews into one.

Wow, Yahtzee actually commented how removing some content from Left4Dead 2 might make it faster. A positive side?
Could this be some Cognitive Dissonance? Let's hope not otherwise the next step could be full on support for Michael At- Yeah, come to think of it, not even Yahtzee's subconscious is powerful enough to overcome his hate for that guy.

I loved the license plate reference, Yahtzee always does a good job.

L4D2: I can't personally play the game unless I crowbar my boyfriend off the computer to do so, I enjoyed seeing the new playable characters and infected, the melee weapons are ok, but there needs to be more.
As for Mario wii thing...meh, I suppose it'll look pretty on a wii, and the controls will be interesting to use in said game. However, I would rather see mario do something a little more different than the same plot over and over again.
Legend of Zelda tried different plots even when the outcome was "You saved the Princess and Hyrule, huzzah!" Why can't Mario?

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