Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

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Nintendo rarely endorses anything terribly new and exciting because they know it will fail, and everyone will go back to HURRRR WHEN'S NEXT *insert franchise*. There's a lot of software now, regardless of platform, that falls under the categories of either Super Franchise Milk Wii or Mind-Blowing-Innovation-That-Doesn't-Actually-Contribute-to-Gameplay-ware, and very rarely will you find something that deviates.

NSMB Wii I played, but only because a friend of mine bought it. I gave up and went to find something more interesting to play halfway through the sixth world. I was actually rather disappointed when the vid for Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released, as watching it I could distinctly remember already going through many of the motions that were outlined.

At the same time many of the recent second-party Mario RPGs were great reimaginings, but I can't help but wonder about their fates if they didn't have Mario elements superimposed over everything. Same deal with putting Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts, things like that.

The L4D seires is valves bigest and only blunder. L4D is just mindless killing it's something that should ONLY appeal to 5yr olds and retards.

Sorry to inform you Yahtzee fanboys, but no, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is NOT the exact same game as Super Mario Bros. 3.

You're right. In this one, you have a propeller hat instead of raccoon tail, an ice ball flower instead of everything else and you can bounce off the walls.

Beyond that, however...

I have both L4D and L4D2, however I feel that L4D is WAAAAY worse than the second, and that calling the second an expansion is just a bit off. I'd call it 'almost' an expansion, but a severe improvement either way.
As for New Nuper Nario Nuhsast NIII, I'm not surprised.

I do agree that New Super Mario Bros. Wii having two players play as toads is very stupid. Ya couldn't have picked anything at least a little more interesting, Nintendo?

They should've made wario and waluigi character choices instead.

[Sister act] and [Fresh prince of Bell Air] are fun. Also what's with all the pits in mario-games?

The Tank. You can set that bitch on fire and it doesn't stop him... right away. I doubt Bowser could survive a 400p.s.i. punch to the face.

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