On His Voice

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On His Voice

Yahtzee explains the change in voice, and denies any and all accusations of alien snatchers and voice doubles.

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fair enough. i didn't mind the change.

as long as you keep up the swearing and reviewing i will always tune in.

I thought he sounded a bit...off. Oh well, he's still Yahtzee.

Im glad Yahtzee is listening to the people a bit more these days maybe he aint a 'corporate troll' he is just your average goat eating troll.

Damn Mics are cheap these Days!

Ditto how you feel about AssCreed storyling getting lodged up its own... Ever since about 90% of the way through the first the storyline has got less and less compelling.

Haha, his girlfriend looks like a frog, loved that quote. And at least the mystery has been explained

I agree with you on the shiny lady. What the hell was she talking about?

Nice try doppleganger. Save it for queen Dopplepopolis

I knew it was a cold, but the microphone too? That's a twist.

At least you were able to get one comment about the game in, lol. I was surprised when everyone reacted to the slightly different voice the way they did. I'd assume everyone would have done what I did: spend a total of .5 seconds going "huh, his voice sounds different" and then watching the review.

Its amazing how the cheap products are often the best..
anyway, after watching your review and asking around i decided to get the game. It is very enjoyable!

I bet comby feels really stupid right about now.

No worries Yahtzee it was kinda nice, I thought you were purposely doing it to remind people of what you actually sound like and for nolstalgias sake of sounding like you did in the first vids you did here at the escapist and nazi tube

I have a £2.97 pair of earphones. They lasted me 5 years and were made out of the cheapest parts. They were unbelievable quality, bass was clear and not overpowering, treble had a high range and was accurate. The thing is about hardware is that it is pretty much all the same until you really go to the high end. You have to spend about £200+ on headphones before anything happens to the build and sound quality.

Dude, Steven Hawkins has RHYTHM, Who wouldn't want a guest review by him?

[Irrefutable citation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSgiXGELjbc ]

Distorted Stu:

<3 Stu's profile image beyond words.

It's a pretty good game. I like Ezio a lot more than Altair.

Dude, Steven Hawkins has RHYTHM, Who wouldn't want a guest review by him?

[Irrefutable citation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSgiXGELjbc ]

Distorted Stu:

<3 Stu's profile image beyond words.

Hahaha, you sir, deserve a cookie.

Yeah, thought so...

Anyways, yeah, Desmond doesn't seem to hold the standards, as they said in the first game

'I'm not an assassin anymore'
'Yes, something of a...' crap, I can't remember.
But it was something in the manner of "accident"

I bet he killed the wrong guy

Well, I guess that shows CuddlyCombine. That comment did sound awfully condescending to be honest.

I demand the Hawking's guest review. Make it real dark and hold out until Project Natal is launched.

Look at that, a long stairway down just showed up. Pretty warm breeze come from it.

He sounded more manly with a cold. Like a man.

Nice sound! Is that a Heil PR40? A Rode NT-1A? A small diaphragm AKG?

Yahtzee Croshaw:
I had to record using a Guitar Hero mic plugged into the USB port.

HAHAHAHA OH WOW I feel like a complete tool now!

as long as your witt is intact yahtzee I'm satisfied, hell you oughta try the steven hawking voice for an april fools joke, just look how good it worked out for the nolstagia critic in the alone in the dark film review, you could do it like that with the unskippable guys again

As a singer I know what flu does to voice... But I fix that with punch of alcohol shotted down my throat like missile that might bossibly hit the hide out of Osama"trash"Bin"lard" launched by US.
I don't know about those creaming... "fan girls" got with your voice but I enjoy the context of your... Blabbering? I enjoyed the review as usually I do. It is great relax agent before I need go to listen how the tuba player tries to make me deaf every time we play with the orchestra.

So hope that you will get well soon and remember when you don't need your voice SHUT FUCK UP it helps to speed up the recovery, and do some heavy breathing trough a small tube to bucket of water, makes your lungs better and gives you idea of what all kind of shit there is in your lungs.

dear god people are paranoid when it comes to your voice man, whateva. anyways glad screed 2 is worth picking up. It's on my holiday list with MW2 (sorry I can't stand dragon age)

Next week: Zero Punctuation, auto-tuned!

i always loved conspiracy theories, and last weeks ZP comments had tons of those, but figured it was probably just a flu or something, any way have a fast recovery and once again an entertaining article.

Yahtzee, you should totally do an episode with MC Hawking voice.

Alas, poor headset. We knew him well. On with the reviews. I think that you should demand a raise as the general public seems to think you are deserving of a paycheck large enough to hire an excellent voice double to do your reviews. Also, In the USA the 5 bucks is tax deductible, hope that it is for you also, as it is such an expensive piece of equipment. Well Done.

I loved that bullcrap he quoted about the "speeding things up" and pitch changes

Even I, GrinningManiac, denzin of Planet Cuckoo, said "Ah, 'ickle ZeePee's got a cold", using nothing but common sense, logic, and non-internet thinking.

People on the internet are like conspiracy theorists locked in a small room. Something ordinary happens, everyone freaks out

Farewell Microphone, you have served thee well!

Well, I might have to pick up the game at some point...I keep putting it off after my feelings with its previous.

Well, hope you get better soon!

I haven't beaten AC2 yet, but the prediction that AC3 will be "the adventures of Desmond" fills me with dread. The Historical Angle is the best thing the AC series has going for it, I was looking forward to possibly killin folks in a period like The French Revolution or possibly Victorian England, hell even Colonial America would be decent by comparison. Anything but bland sauce Desmond.

Huh. And here I assumed it was just another microphone (half correct).

Anyway, October had a news story that the next Screed could go all Velvet Assassin on us. Though I imagine better.

This means before they do a future-esque Screed game where you control Desmond, the inevitable conclusion this series looks to be heading for, they are probably going to experiment with more projectiles similar to modern combat and assassination techniques. That's my theory, at least.

I'd come to a conclusion that the Escapist were employing a double in case Yahtzee ever left and last week was a test drive, though now that Yahtzee explains it, that idea does sound a little stupid.

But anyway, RIP 2.50 mic

The problem with Desmond is that he takes a backseat to Ezio and Altair; his character is developing across the entire series whilst, with Ezio at least, the others get their development out in one game.

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