231: The Littlest, Biggest Gift of All

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That is SO cute!

Way to make me feel like an unloving, uncaring grinch since I haven't even done anything for my mom this Christmas.

Very creative and must have consumed a vast amount of your time. I just hope your Mum realised that!

That was a wonderful Christmas tale!

This is a beautiful story, and I imagine this is the kind of ideal scenario the creators of the game had in mind when they decided to add a level editor/creator into the game. We all know that gaming has the ability to isolate us from other sects of society, particularly from our families, but this stands as an excellent model of the potential videogames and unity. Thank you!

Fantastic. One of the best articles I've read on this site, and an excellent demonstration of what gaming might just be able to become. :)

Thanks, Mark - that was a great read. Now I'm inspired to get some other people I care about into gaming! What a perfect way to do it! My Mom looked at Sackboy and couldn't help laughing, in spite of herself; she's never much liked videogames, and I think it might have something to do with motion sickness and spinning cameras - Little Big Planet doesn't have much of that.

Instead of trying to explain to her why I like games, maybe I should just try to show her the kind of experience only a videogame can give you. I'm just looking over older articles, here, but this still strikes a chord with me, even if it's June!

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